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WoW: Patch 9.1 - How long will it take to unlock flying?

When WoW Patch 9.1 is released, we'll also be able to fly in the Shadowlands - but not right away. That's because, as in past WoW expansions, there will once again be a Pathfinder achievement for Shadowlands, the completion of which is tied to our flying license. While we don't have to farm reputation or complete other grind-heavy tasks this time, it could still take a while before we're allowed to raise our flying mounts into the skies of Shadowlands.

The WoW developers announced a while back that we'd unlock flying in Shadowlands by completing the Covenant Campaign. Until now, the individual chapters of the Pact campaign were linked to the glory level of the pacts, i.e. if you wanted to play the next campaign section, you first had to reach a certain glory level, which in turn was unlocked week by week. Only when we reached fame level 22 were we allowed to play the final, eighth chapter of the Pact campaign.

Accordingly, we'll likely have to wait quite a while before we can complete the Pact campaign in Patch 9.1 and achieve the Pathfinder achievement. Senior Game Designer Jeremy Feasel and Technical Director Frank Kowalkowski revealed in an episode of The Starting Zone podcast that Patch 9.1 will add a total of 40 new Fame levels. Those, in turn, will likely be unlocked gradually on a weekly basis as well.

We assume that the WoW developers will tie the individual chapters of the Pact campaign to the achievement of a certain glory level, as before. Presumably, the first chapter will be available from fame level 40 and the other sections will then be staggered per week. This means we may have to wait a few weeks after the release of patch 9.1 to unlock the Pathfinder achievement for Shadowlands. Players had to wait a total of eight weeks for fame level 22 - and depending on how many chapters the next section of the Covenant campaign has, we'll likely be looking at a similar wait for Flying in the Shadowlands.

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