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WoW: What do you actually farm Stygia for?

There was a question on Twitter the other day from a user about WoW: Shadowlands that can be summed up as, "Why are we farming Stygia anyway?" And I can well understand the thought from which this question was born. I asked myself it for the tenth time after the tenth death of my undergeared druid toon, too. I asked my esteemed colleagues and I thought a bit more extensively about an answer to the question. And in doing so, I came to the conclusion that there is no universal answer, only categorization by player type. So why do certain players farm Stygia in the Maw ad nauseum? Sure, to knock them on the head afterwards at Ve'nari. But really, this is only interesting for certain groups of WoW heroes.

The Minmaxers

For the minmaxers in Mythic content - dungeons as well as raids - it's clear why they drag their hero's omnivore into the maw every day. The item of general enchantment is called the Spatial Realignment Apparatus, costs thousands of stygia, and adds a socket slot to a Shadowlands item of the helmet, necklace, bracers, belt, and ring category if it doesn't have one. Minmaxers are also after the (somewhat cheaper) fragments of unbound reality, over the use of which an upgrade of a random medium from their lowest item level media is found. The problem with this, of course, is that buying these items requires a certain reputation level with Ve'nari. In this respect, Minmaxers have been extremely busy in the Maw, especially in the first few weeks of Shadowlands.

The Torghast enthusiasts

Those who super enjoy playing Torghast will head to the Maw to snag some of Ve'nari's permanent Torghast enhancements. Among other things, the Ritual Prism of Divination increases the chance of epic anima bonuses, while the Magnifying Glass of Enchanting Charm provides perks to midwayers. And the rank badge: Acquisitor ensures that middlemen in Torghast can offer you a rare option. The really big fans can also buy the option matrix when they achieve a valuable reputation with Ve'nari, which ensures that you can always choose from at least two bonuses for each anima bonus. Sounds nice and also makes sense if you want to invest a lot of time in Torghast. Again, buying the items requires not only all sorts of stygia, but also a corresponding reputation with Ve'nari. What does that mean? Off into the maw!
I just want to go home! Source: buffed But before you reach the appropriate level of reputation with Ve'nari, you can also put the Stygia into helpful Maw items. The Mark of the Unseen, for example, would also be worthwhile for a casual like me, so that I would become immune to the Mark of the Dungeon Master of the Mawbound Assassins. These stupid assassins simply killed me several times, especially in the first Maw adventures.

And as casual?

Well, if you neither want to supply items with sockets nor are particularly keen on Torghast, then the Stygia Farm doesn't really do you any good. You go in for the Bolvar Maw and Torghast quests, but you don't really farm there. In this respect, the Maw is of little to no appeal to those of you who don't want to perfect the Gear and play Torghast to the point of mouse button fatigue. A shame, really. After all, the Maw is the end-game zone of Shadowlands and it should also offer something to casuals. Currently, there isn't much there. On the other hand, that's good. I'm sure it's not just me who finds the maw annoying.

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