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Does the WoW 10.0 leak steal from the Guild Wars 2 story?

Creative minds should constantly inspire each other - at least that's what I think. After all, if every single idea remains uncopyable, new stories are almost impossible at some point. Nevertheless, it's always interesting to check whether game developers and authors let themselves be "inspired" a little or even generously. The most recent example of this for me is just the supposed new leak for patch 10.0 of WoW. This expansion is supposed to be more dedicated to the dragons of Azeroth again - and a dragon Azeroth. Hehe - wait, I'll explain!

Short version of the alleged leak about WoW 10.0

Don't worry, I'll briefly summarize the part of the leak that is interesting for this article: Titan Azeroth awakens in the form of a Dragon Lady with immense powers. However, she herself is still like a newly hatched chick and needs to be taken by the hand to help the world with her abilities. The leak describes Dragon Azeroth as "a higher being, but with the mind of a child."

What does this have to do with Guild Wars 2?

That's actually how we know Azeroth in WoW. But the planet is actually a slumbering titan. Source: Blizzard Anyone who has played Guild Wars 2 probably already knows what I'm talking about. Because the Arenanet MMORPG introduced a powerful dragon egg back in 2014, which we were allowed to accompany during the hatching of the story. The hatched result is Aurene, who was initially a baby dragon that we could play with and build a strong alliance with.

In the current story, Aurene has since grown into the Prismatic Old Dragon, who protects the world and fights evil with us. So she was also initially a dragon chick with godlike potential, whom we helped grow from a clumsy toddler to a crystal being who sees the future. Small, but with great potential: Even as a clumsy baby dragon, it was clear that Aurene was destined for greatness - this is also very true of Dragon Azeroth in the WoW leak. Source: buffed

Of course, no idea is unique

But as I said above: Not every idea has to be automatically stolen or represent a sacred artifact that can't be copied. Basically, the concept of a freshly born being with endless potential that is stronger than its guardian/protagonist/character is nothing unique. Nevertheless, many similarities to the story of GW2 are there. In the meantime, Aurene is the Prismatic Old Dragoness - a godlike being who protects the world of Tyria. Source: buffed Of course, nothing at all about this WoW (buy now ) leak is official yet - technically, it could all be figments of our imagination, though dataminers have found relatively good hints about the Dragon Isles.

Guild Wars 2 - End of Dragons: New trailer for the third expansion

Do you also see the strong parallels? Or is it just a normal story convention for you that both the Anet developers and the folks at Blizzard rely on? Tell us in the comments!

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