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WoW Classic

WoW Classic: Shadow of the Necropolis - The Scourge event 15 years ago

The Scourge Invasion was a world event in the June 19, 2006 World of Warcraft Classic patch 1.11 Shadow of the Necropolis , which announced the opening of Naxxramas, the citadel of the dreaded Kel'Thuzad. It was later reintroduced into the game in the Harbinger of Doom patch 3.0.2 during the Zombie Infestation event in preparation for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, and readjusted for the new level cap of 70. As such, it is also the only non-seasonal world event that has ever been repeated.

In the gallery below, we've got plenty of pictures of the original event for you, taken in June and July 2006 on the EU Coven of Cenarius server. We'll start with some of the event's quests, which granted various reputation items and weapon buffs, followed by several impressions of the necropolises that infested areas such as Durotar, Tirisfal, Winterwell, and of course the Plaguelands, dropping Scourge servants of varying strength. Have fun with it!

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