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WoW Classic: Pitchwing Lair - Info and pictures of all Tier 2 sets

Admittedly, they can no longer keep up with the model and texture quality of the current World of Warcraft items, but the Tier 2 sets from WoW Classic have something that is often sorely missed today: style. Even though the models - in accordance with the technical limitations of the time - have few polygons and almost all details had to be painted on the textures, they are not only conceptually very successful, but also fit perfectly to the respective classes in form and style. Here, the term "class set" is still deserved. The Paladins' set, for example, is so iconic that the Heroes of the Storm developers later immortalized it as a skin for Uther - a matching warhorse included.

Tier 2 - History

On a related note, it's very interesting that the 2nd tier looked really boring at first. At launch, the set items fell next to Tier 1 in Molten Core, but were removed in patch 1.4 and then added back with the release of the Pitchwing Hoard in patch 1.6. All Tier 2 sets still had placeholder models at this point, which again were not updated until patch 1.9. You can see what the old sets looked like in the image gallery attached, among other things.

Tier 2 - Drop Locations

The helmets of the Tier 2 set currently drop at Onyxia in Onyxia's Lair and the leg armor drops at Ragnaros in Molten Core as part of Phase 1. The rest of the set will now become available at the start of Phase 3 in the Pitchwing Lair. The individual pieces of the set drop on the following bosses, with each boss and the dragon trio of Firewing, Shadowwing, and Flamemaw dropping 2 set pieces each, respectively:

  • Helmet - OnyxiaLeg Armor - RagnarosArm Bracers - Razorgore the UntamedBelt - Vaelastrasz the CorruptBoots - Broodguard ThreshbringerGloves - Firewing, Shadowwing, FlamemawShoulders - ChromaggusBreastplate - Nefarian

Tier 2- Image Gallery

In the following image gallery you can see the comparison between the old and new Tier 2 sets (as of patch 1.9) as well as the Tier 2 sets for each class. Have fun raiding the pitchwing lair!

View all 11 images in the gallery WoW Classic: Tier 2 sets - Old vs. new versions [Source: Wowpedia]

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