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WoW TBC Classic: 3rd season ends surprisingly early, first info on Sunwell

Just last month, phase 4 of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic was launched. The most important feature of the phase: the 10-player raid Zul'Aman. Meanwhile, the Battle for Hyjal and the Black Temple, the two current 25-player challenges, have already been on the live server for three months. Three months ... sounds like it's almost time for the final battle in Sunwell Plateau, doesn't it?

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Blizzard announces end of PvP season 3

In fact, the Blizzard managers seem to see it that way as well. In the official WoW forum, Community Manager Kaivax announced a few hours ago (on April 18, 2022) that the currently running third PvP season of TBC Classic should end with the maintenance work on May 3, 2022. The start of PvP Season 4, which should normally be tied to the Sunwell patch, is also scheduled for May 2022. Then Hyjal and Illidan's Fortress were in the focus of events around the four months.

However, the comments under the post show that some players are not happy with this clocking. Mcg sums up the dilemma: by the May deadline, the third season of TBC Classic will have run for just 15 weeks. In the original Burning Crusade, the 3rd season lasted a total of 29 (!) weeks. A stark difference. Or to put it another way: The original longest PvP season in the Outland expansion will apparently be the shortest in the Classic re-release.

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What awaits us in the Sunwell Plateau?

Already on the Easter weekend, a first Sunwell test ran on the Patch 2.5.4 PTR. Here, too, the surprise: the public test server is already going offline again, according to Community Manager Kaivax, they were able to collect "a lot of great data" over Easter. Here are some insights players were able to gather on the PTR (via WoWHead):

  • Unlocking Quel'Danas content will again be dependent on server "work". Through daily quests and reputation grind, servers will unlock new quests, merchants, and rewards. On the PTR, this progress was divided into four phases.
  • At the time, the Sunwell Plateau raid was also tied to this progress. On Day 1, guilds could "only" challenge the first three bosses. On some servers it took months until the final boss Kil'jaeden was finally available. On the PTR, however, all bosses were now available for testing.
  • Blizzard had already made it clear some time ago that we can expect bosses in Sunwell with the original difficulty, but also weakened bosses.
  • Players report that Sunwell bosses like Kalecgos and Brutalus have the original health values.
  • The Rays of the Sunwell effect introduced in patch 2.4 is active. So tanks are getting a real kicking.

If it stays that way, we can expect the crunchiest bosses of the Classic era so far in Sunwell Plateau. But what do you think about the surprisingly early end of PvP Season 3?

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