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WoW Patch 9.2: Secrets of the First - Chapter 2 of Zereth Mortis Campaign

Since World of Warcraft 9.2, we know: The Big Bang never existed - all fantasies of imaginary stargazers. The universe, the world, even the nightlife was handmade by the first ones with the help of the Automa in finest Zereth Mortis quality. It is to this new realm that the next chapter of WoW history takes us, and our task is to find common ground with their brokers, the Enlightened Ones, in order to successfully defend Zereth Mortis against the Dungeon Master and his minions.

The new campaign in Patch 9.2 will include 8 chapters with a corresponding player achievement. For players who have already completed the first three chapters, all subsequent secondary characters will have the option to skip this part. To do so, take the first quest "Call of Primus" and talk to Tal-Inara in Oribos. This will also unlock Pocopoc, your robot friend in Zereth Mortis, for those characters.

It is currently anticipated that the first three chapters of the 9.2 campaign will be available in the first week of Patch 9.2, as they all serve as an introduction to several systems in Zereth Mortis:

  • Chapter 1 unlocks access to Zereth Mortis and the Oribos Portal to the Zone, located at the northern end of the Transmission Ring.
  • Chapter 2 unlocks world quests in Zereth Mortis.
  • Chapter 3 unlocks the Ciphers of the First system and Pocopoc, daily quests in Zereth Mortis, and the campaign jump for the first three 9.2 chapters for secondary characters.

Zereth Mortis Campaign - Chapter 2: We Keep Fighting

In Chapter 2 of the campaign, we meet up with Shandris to scout out the Forge of the First in the center of the zone. There we discover that it is under siege by the servants of the Dungeon Master and Nathrezim. However, most of their forces don't seem to be there. When we discover the plan to manipulate the surrounding obelisks to gain access to the forge, we return to Darion, the commander. He sends us back to the forge.

While defending the forge, we hear noises coming from one of the obelisks it powers, and find out that the Nathrezim are once again involved, this time masquerading as Knights of the Black Blade. We are sent back to the refuge to reassemble. Reinforcements may be needed.

However, things are not going well at the refuge. When we return to Bolvar, Elder Kreth, the leader of the Enlightened Ones, mentions that we are the reason that - according to their reports - the defense mechanisms are being tampered with, and asks us to fix them. Bolvar gives us special equipment to track down terror lords and asks us to help the Alliance commanders in the area. They, however, are equally displeased with us, claiming we gave earlier orders that led them directly into the untamed, dangerous wilderness! The whole thing gets stranger every time.

In a duel with our Doppelganger, the truth is finally brought to light. Of course, terror lords are known to disguise themselves to deceive the enemy, and one of them has disguised himself as.... us! This Dread Lord is none other than Mal'Ganis himself, who has managed to exploit the Alliance's respect for us. As we begin to lose the duel with Mal'Ganis, Baine and Jaina come to help us, forcing the Dread Lord to retreat.

Jaina judges that we are losing the race against the Dungeon Lord and his forces, and uses Fast Travel to get us to the Forge. Unfortunately, her assessment proves correct: the Dungeon Master and Anduin manage to activate the Forge and open the way to the Mausoleum of the First. When Jaina senses the familiar presence in Anduin's sword, we return to the refuge defeated. This concludes Chapter 2 of Campaign 9.2 and the world quests in Zereth Mortis are unlocked.

In the following series of pictures, you will accompany our shaman as he completes the quests of the second chapter "We Fight On" until the world quests in Zereth Mortis are unlocked. Have fun!

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Patch 9.2: Zereth Mortis in the Video Preview

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