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World of Warcraft

WoW: Body of the Dracthyr in Dragonflight will be customizable!

WoW: Dragonflight will bring a new playable race called the Dracthyr, which will also have exclusive access to the Caller of the Dracthyr class

. However, the dragon-like caster class isn't quite catching on yet with its scaled look. For some players, the design with narrow shoulders is too lanky; they want a more muscular, broad body. It's still unclear if exactly their wishful thinking will be possible, but associate art director Tina Wang has talked about the interesting customization possibilities of the Dracthyr.

All information about the new WoW expansion can be found on our WoW: Dragonflight collection page.

Customization options of the Dracthyr in WoW: Dragonflight

"There are more customization options than what you saw in the video. There are actually so many ways you can customize the Dracthyr. Even the shape of the face. For example, you can have these snouts that can look more primal, more slender, or more chunky," the developer points out in an interview with BlizzPlanet. WoW: Body shape of the Dracthyr will be customizable - not necessarily slim? (2) Source: Blizzard

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Physique of the Dracthyr of WoW: Dragonflight is customizable

The torso, which has been criticized by various WoW players, is also supposed to be customizable. But Tina Wang often uses the English word "slightly", meaning "a little" or "somewhat":

"You can even change your torso a little bit to be a little bit slimmer or a little bit bulkier ; and the armor you wear is a kind of armor that you can also customize at the barber shop. I believe that Dracthyr will also be able to wear shoulders, tabards, and belts in both the human and Dracthyr forms. The human form is able to wear all parts of the armor." WoW: Body shape of the Dracthyr will be customizable - not necessarily slim? (3) Source: Blizzard Matze's Opinion:

It remains to be seen if these customization options for the Dracthyr will go in the direction that critical players want the race to go. After all, they are partly concerned with how narrow the shoulders turn out, which would be a rigging aspect (the model responsible for animations), not simply a larger chest, which would leave the animations of arms & co. untouched. to the home page to the gallery Jump to comments (5) Matthias Brückle

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