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WoW: The Wandering Urtum - the community mount comes with patch 9.0.5

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Update from 20.02.2021: In the meantime, the developers have revealed when the Wandering Urtum will finally come into the game. Already with patch 9.0.5, which will be released in March, all players who have purchased Shadowlands will automatically get the new mount.

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There are countless mounts in WoW, but almost all mounts have one thing in common. The developers at Blizzard came up with the concepts and decided for themselves whether the mount in question should come into the game or not. In September 2020, however, the decision was left up to the players - at least in part. Blizzard posted four different concepts of mounts online and let the community vote on which one they should flesh out and put in the game. The winner at the time was the Wandering Urtum. A massive tree that players can ride across the vastness of Azeroth.

Caption... (8) Source: Blizzard Then it was quiet around the community mount for a long time. In the course of BlizzConline 2021, however, the finished mount was finally presented. In a short panel, the developers report on the process from concept to finished mount. The designers tell how they have not only oriented themselves on the models of old Urtume in WoW (now buy 14.99 €)

, but also on various drawings and concepts that were spread by WoW fans in forums and the like.

The Wandering Urtum doesn't just look fancy, though, it also takes on a trait of the Blooming Urtum, a pet that can be purchased in the shop. It changes color depending on the season - much like a real tree. Furthermore, in the panel linked below, the developers also describe the process of animation modeling and finding the right setting. After all, a primal should naturally sound like a massive, old tree. Certain similarities to Treebeard, the Ent from Lord of the Rings, can hardly be denied.

However, the developers have not yet revealed when the Wandering Urtum will finally appear in the game.

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