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WoW: Dragonflight: Cool! Arena rating and rewards for PvP solo queue

With patch 9.2 of WoW: Shadowlands, the developers have been testing how solo entries for the 3v3 arena

could look like and how to design fair teams via the PvP brawl "Mixed Singles". The feedback from the players was apparently very positive.

In a group interview following the announcement of WoW Dragonflight (buy now ), Game Director Ion Hazzikostas revealed that players will still be able to sign up for solo arena rounds in Dragonflight, earning scoring and rewards

. Mixed singles will therefore not only be a kind of PvP skirmish, but will become a real alternative to equip your character with the best items via PvP and collect rating at the same time.

Mixed singles in Dragonflight with scoring and rewards - commentary by Ion Hazzikostas.

"Today's presentation was not a complete listing of all the new features and changes in Dragonflight, but just a sort of summary of the biggest new features. On the PvP front, there are a few things we're working on. One of those things, and this is probably not a big surprise to many who have been following our discussions about it, is the Solo Shuffle Brawl that we recently introduced in End of Eternity.

The Brawl was always meant to be a kind of test run, to try it out, get feedback, refine the queuing system, and so on. But it's something that we want to turn into a scored mode in Dragonflight. If you want to queue on your own and have a competitive PvP experience where you're matched based on scoring and earn progress and gear and participate and compete, that's something we want to offer there," Hazzikostas said.

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With this, the developers fulfill the wish of many PvP players with WoW: Dragonflight, and thus somewhat bypasses the long search for suitable PvP partners via the search tool. Would you jump into rated solo PvP if it is implemented with the next expansion? Write us in the comments.

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