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WoW: Confusion around Soul Ash Packs - Unlock only with fame level 44

WoW players rejoiced at the news that with patch 9.1 of Shadowlands they can send the Torghast resource to their Twinks via the Packed Soul Ash. While you lose 50 Soul Ash each time you do this (Packed costs 300 Soul Ash, but only grants 250), you can start crafting legendary items right away with new characters.

The NPC who sells the Packed Soul Ash, however, must first be unlocked via the Korthia quest line. Only then will Bonesmith Heimir appear in the Guardian's Refuge. As Community Manager Kaivax now announced in the official WoW forum, you also need to have reached fame level 44 to get Packaged Soul Ash.
WoW: Confusion around Soul Ash Packs - Unlock only with fame level 44 (2) Source: us.forums.blizzard.com
This post caused quite a bit of confusion in the community. Packed Soul Ash was supposed to be a QoL change, but now you have to increase the fame level with multiple characters, which can only be earned starting next week. This doesn't sound like a simplification at all and is causing annoyance for players in addition to confusion. Kaivax's second statement is also really redundant in this context. Yes, packaged Soul Ash cannot be purchased from merchants in Torghast. The large soul ash packs with 1,300 soul ash can still be bought in Torghast.

It's unclear whether Bonesmith Heirmir's unlock could also be account-wide, meaning you only need to reach fame level 44 with one character to send Soul Ash back and forth between your characters. What is true now, we will probably only know with the next ID, when players reach fame level 44 for the first time.

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