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WoW: The most popular DpS classes from the 2nd Mythic Plus Season

After several months, the second season of WoW: Shadowlands is coming to an end not only for PvP players, but also for Mythic-Plus heroes. In the process, many millions of keystones were mastered and countless virtual deaths died. Today, however, we don't want to look at how successful or desperate a player was in the crunchy dungeons, but which DpS class was popular and how. On the one hand, we look at how often a class was in the Mythic-Plus dungeons, but also at how the distribution was at different levels.

To do this, we use the data from benched.me, which reads all the relevant data from Blizzard's API and thus gives us a good overview. Even if the absolute numbers are not necessarily correct (and they will be), the ratio among each other should be quite representative.

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Ranged vs. melee fighters

benched.me differentiates between ranged and melee DpS. This makes sense, as the two different categories of damage dealers have different advantages and disadvantages.

In most groups, you can take whoever you want (which is a good thing), but in higher groups, there is often a strict distinction between melee and range. So it makes more sense to look at these two categories separately - at least from a popularity standpoint.

The most popular melee fighters in Mythic-Plus Season 2

Over the course of the season, the Devastation Demon Hunter has moved further and further to the front and is now the most popular melee fighter in Mythic Plus dungeons. This is not only due to its own strength, but also because the tank DH has become increasingly unpopular over the course of the expansion. And because many groups still don't want to do without the five percent extra damage from Chaos Brand. Warriors and Monks are close behind. Surprisingly, the least popular is not the Survival Hunter, but the Fierceness Druid.
WoW: The most popular melee DpS classes from the 2nd Mythic-Plus Season Source: benched.me Here is the overview of the melee fighters. By the way, the percentage does not indicate how many groups the playstyle was represented in, but how popular it is compared to the current most popular spec (the Demon Hunter). The number in parentheses is the absolute number across all measured keystones.

  • Devastation Demon Hunter - 100% (4,398,105)
  • Furor Warrior - 64% (2,857,211)
  • Windrunner Monk - 64% (2,838,819)
  • Weapon Warrior - 45% (2,008,188)
  • Retaliator Paladin - 31% (1,385,261)
  • Deception Rogue - 31% (1,380,468)
  • Lawlessness Rogue - 28% (1,252,390)
  • Unholy Death Knight - 27% (12,18,040)
  • Amplifier Shaman - 20% (912,286)
  • Frost Death Knight - 16% (726,769)
  • Assassin Rogue - 15% (680,168)
  • Survival Hunter - 14% (639,615)
  • Fierceness Druid - 11% (490,843)

WoW: The most popular DpS classes from the 2nd Mythic Plus Season (2) Source: benched.me The most interesting thing is that some play styles are generally not very popular, but are used more and more often at high levels. In the current case, these are wind runner monks and deception rogues. The higher the stones get, the more often these two are used, while other classes slowly but surely disappear from level 25. This is due, among other things, to the extremely high area damage, good control abilities and, what must not be forgotten, excellent survival skills.

The most popular ranged fighters in Mythic-Plus Season 2

In terms of ranks, there is also a clearly most popular playstyle: the Frost Mage. However, the ranks behind it are not nearly as far from the top as the Melee. Just behind the frosty fellows are the two ranged Hunter specs, which are roughly on par with each other. But even behind them, it drops more slowly, and the least popular ranged playstyle, Demonology Warlock, is still more prevalent than Survival Hunter and Fierceness Druid among the Melee.
WoW: The most popular ranged DpS classes from the 2nd Mythic-Plus Season Source: benched.me

  • Frost Mage - 100% (4,468,175)
  • Beastlord Hunter - 88% (3,934,974)
  • Marksmanship Hunter - 76% (3,421,455)
  • Balance Druid - 67% (3,002,410)
  • Elemental Shaman - 57% (2,574,177)
  • Destruction Warlock - 39% (1,770,230)
  • Shadow Priest - 34% (1,557,480)
  • Affliction Warlock - 26% (1,198,588)
  • Fire Mage - 22% (1,010,246)
  • Arcane Mage - 21% (957,556)
  • Demonology Warlock - 15% (677,578)

WoW: The most popular DpS classes from the 2nd Mythic-Plus Season (4) Source: benched.me
Unlike the melee fighters, however, the ratio here hardly changes as the level of the keystones increases. Almost up to level 20, the ratio remains untouched. This speaks for a pretty good balancing in the ranged fighters, where almost every class works reasonably well. Only at levels above 20 does the ratio shift more and more. The already popular Frost Mage class then dominates the very high levels due to its high damage and many helpful spells. From a pure DpS perspective, there are better classes - but none bring such a good overall package - including Arcane Intelligence and Time Bending.

Do the numbers from Season 2 match your personal impressions, or did something seem very different to you? For example, we would have expected owls to be much higher in popularity, since we've encountered them in pretty much every random group over the past few months. Tell us your impression in the comments!

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