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WoW: Ghostcrawler about his return and leveling in the pre-patch

We had reported: Former Blizzard designer Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street has returned to Azeroth after a six-year absence. Shadowlands looks good, his friends want to play the new expansion as well and meanwhile the distance to his "baby" is big enough to dare a return - that's how the developer, who now works at Riot Games (League of Legends), explains his return to WoW.

Over the last few days and weeks, Ghostcrawler has been busy leveling in the pre-patch and regularly sharing his impressions with the Twitter community. First, he tried his hand at the Retribution Paladin. His leveling experience with the class reads as follows:

  • After unlocking the first talents, the rotation plays very fun with individual opponents.
  • He's happy that some of the skills he was working on at the time are still around.
  • The dungeon runs are all about area damage so far, but this is also content that everyone but himself knows.
  • In a later post he admits that he and his team paved the way into this dungeon AoE meta in WotLK to some extent.
  • In Drustvar, he lost the red quest thread for the first time. He'll probably switch zones now.
  • Boralus is pretty, but it's a little hard to get around.
  • He's surprised how quickly his brain has been able to recall long-rehearsed automatisms like interrupting spells.
  • The models of the enemies look great. The redesigned models of the characters, on the other hand, didn't quite catch his eye - probably because of the perspective.
  • He likes the design of the random upgrades for quest rewards. He got epic shoulders.
  • For years, Ghostcrawler had been trying to get his ideas for a retread launch experience accepted. Now he's happy that the game has gotten such a new experience with the Island of the Banished.
  • In melee combat, it still often happens that he is not in range of his victim - partly through his own fault, partly because of clipping errors.
  • There are soooo many mounts now.
  • Ghostcrawler has signed up for his WoW subscription for six months. He will probably stay loyal to Azeroth for a while.
  • In the past, he had always made sure to keep his WoW account secret. Now he does the same in LoL. Since returning to WoW, however, he's been thinking about changing that to meet new people and be available for conversation, questing together, or dungeon runs.
  • Leveling is incredibly fast, perhaps too fast from his perspective.
  • He never thought transmogging would become such a big deal. It was still a small feature when he was working on it with the UI team. It's grown up, his baby.
  • The rare monsters and chests are great. They make sure you're not just chasing the next quest objective.
  • Ghostcrawler has always found it very satisfying to work and communicate directly with players. The game benefited from that kind of interaction. But it wasn't exactly in Blizzard's DNA at the time. At times, the people in charge didn't know what to do with Ghostcrawler.
  • He greatly appreciates the WotLK and MoP expansions for their clear focus on a particular theme. Grizzly Hills has the best zone music.

Last weekend there was the next batch of posts from Ghostcrawler. This time he had played his priest in WoW (buy now 14,99 € ).

  • Priest was the main character of Ghostcrawler for many years. After the finale in Siege of Orgrimmar, the character retired.
  • Visually, the priest has changed enormously. It doesn't look like his old character anymore. Unfortunately, Ghostcrawler no longer has an old screenshot ...
  • The priest's pockets were still full of stuff from the Timeless Island.
  • Confused is Ghostcrawler regarding the new profession system, so that now all expansions have their own areas. Are there catch-up mechanics? Is leveling professions before Shadowlands even worth it? Questions upon questions.
  • Of all the classes we've tried so far, the priest has changed the most gameplay-wise. The Discipline Priest has lost a lot of healing spells and gained several new ones instead. Since he doesn't expect newcomers or returnees to be given much consideration in the dungeons, he wants to wait a bit and gain experience before signing up for an instance as a healer.
  • He probably doesn't want to try his luck as a shadow priest either. The jobs of tanks and healers suit him more.
  • According to Ghostcrawler, the pre-patch shows how hard it is to re-engage returning players who have skipped several expansions. Picking up brand new players and the old veterans with such a pre-patch is much easier.
  • Currently, there is one question: Does Ghostcrawler want to raid Shadowlands? In that case, he probably wouldn't have time for Valorant, TFT or the launch titles of Playstation 5. Difficult ...

Sources: Wowhead 1, Wowhead 2Support

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