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WoW: Ghostcrawler about leveling in pre-patch and Legion

As is well known, former Blizzard developer Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street is currently playing the pre-patch of WoW: Shadowlands to prepare for the upcoming expansion. Back in mid-October, he had shared his initialthoughts and impressions on the new launch experience, class changes, transmogging and other WoW areas with the community. A few days ago, he followed up with a total of ten posts on Twitter. Below, we've summarized the most notable findings for you:

  • He has now gotten his Shadow Priest and Retribution Paladin to level 50. His Furor Warrior is at level 45 in the Mists of Pandaria area.
  • His next project will probably be a Fire Mage, which he is leveling through the Cataclysm areas. With an elemental shaman, he's been making the Legion areas unsafe for a little while now.
  • In his opinion, there are many story threads in Legion that are begging for a sequel.
  • The fact that the Legion artifacts no longer work noticeably curbs his enthusiasm about unlocking them. The logic behind it is clear to him, though.
  • He wishes they had come up with the idea back then to disable set bonuses after a certain point. The developers had trouble far too often with players finding ways to use old sets or trinkets in new synergies.
  • He likes the rotations from Warrior and Paladin. In quests and dungeons, he never has to wait long for any cooldowns to expire. At the same time, there is enough leeway to react to what the enemy is doing.
  • The Shadow Priest has not yet been fully penetrated by the developer. The DoTs and the void things seem to get in each other's way. However, he doesn't want to read a guide either, but continues to figure things out through trial and error.
  • Currently, he often plays with friends, and when questing, especially in the older expansions, the phasing that causes you to "lose" your friends keeps bugging him.
  • He is still very much looking forward to the Shadowlands release.

Have any of you perhaps also started playing WoW again in the last few weeks after a long break? What are your impressions? Tell us in the comments!

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