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WoW Classic: The best loot from the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ40)

WoW Classic: The best loot from the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj1

. The Tier 2.5 class sets2. The best weapons from AQ403. The best trinkets from AQ404. The best non-set items from AQ40Since

the start of Phase 5 in WoW Classic, communities on all servers have been working to


the gates of Ahn'Q

iraj to

gain access to the two new raid challenges. As far as the quality of the loot is concerned, the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ40)

is of particular

interest to ambitious raid groups.

As we

did before the release of the Pitchwing Hoard, we want to tell you which loot items from the new raid challenge are particularly powerful

. Some of them are

so powerful that they will also be among the best pieces of equipment in Phase 6.

The Tier 2.5 class sets

In our big overview of WoW Classic Phase 5


we already listed the new Tier 2.5 armor sets for all classes and told you how to get them (the individual T-parts don't just drop). But how good are the sets for the different play styles? We'll tell you which classes benefit the most from their sets:

  • Restoration Shamans get an enormously strong bonus to Chain Healing when they wear five pieces of theTier 2.5 set. However, not all healing shamans should aim for this bonus. It's best to coordinate and equip one or two shamans specifically with the set (plus three T2 pieces), while the other shamans used as raid healers combine their three T2 pieces with the best possible non-set items.
  • All rogues, whether swords or daggers, want to complete the Tier 2.5 set in the medium term. While the bonuses are not great (dagger rogues rarely use Eviscerate), the stats make up for it.
  • Warriors may not want to fill up the T-2.5 set, but there are individual pieces that can be a strong option. In fact, the Conqueror's Shield represents the best shoulder protection for offensive warriors in all of WoW (buy now €14.99 ) Classic.
  • Warlocks will also find only isolated pieces in their T-2.5 set that are actually upgrades: the Rime of Doomcaller as well as the Cloak of Doomcaller.
  • Even though the T-2.5 Priest set offers two bonuses that affect the healing generated, the set, or more precisely, individual parts of the set are especially interesting for Shadow Priests because Best in Slot for Phase 5: Tiara of the Oracle and Tunic of the Oracle.
  • Retribution Paladins are happy about the wide range of values on the Tier 2.5 set and get four of the five pieces in Phase 5 (as well as for Phase 6). Only the gauntlets of the Righteous Champion are better than their set counterparts. Tanking paladins at least don the head and chest pieces of the set.
  • For mages, druids and hunters, the T-2.5- is not a desirable option.

The Best Weapons from AQ40

The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj drops a few weapons that have a huge impact on your character's performance

  • Stab of Death is actually a Naxxramas-quality weapon, and it's also the biggest DpS upgrade that especially rogues (but also other potential dagger bearers) can get in all of Classic. The damage boost is even higher because Dagger users can finally swap out Old Core Leather Gauntlets from Molten Core for an alternative with significantly better stats (aside from +Daggers) with Stab of Death.
  • Dark Edge of Insanity is a beast of a two-handed weapon and for all playstyles that rely on two-handed thrashing (Amplifier, Retaliator, Offensive Warrior (Trash!)), it's a tremendously strong option.
  • Blessed Qirajipugio may not be as strong as Stab of Death, but it also delivers a huge damage boost compared to the daggers available before Phase 5, and morphs into the best secondary hand weapon with Stab of Death for dagger rogues.
  • What the Pugio is to the Dagger Rogue, the Orc Warrior is to his Blessed Qiraji War Axe. Non-orcs will find a strong alternative in the Ancient Qirajizerfetzer. For sword rogues, the Chromatic Hardened Sword is just a tad worse.
  • Feral Druids will be pleased with Blessed Qiraji Warhammer, the first weapon that promises more attack power to cats and bears.
  • C'Thun's False Prophet's Scepter is "best in slot" for several playstyles: Restoration Druids, Restoration Shamans, Healing Priests, and Healing Paladins. A strong secondary hand for healers, by the way, is Sartura's Might (also interesting for shamans: Worm Scale Blocker). If you want to do damage, Royal Scepter of Vek'lor is on your list.
  • Mages, Warlocks, and Tanking Paladins, on the other hand, might like Viscidus' Sharpened Silithid Bone for their main hand. Hunters will be happy with Sartura's Silithid Claw.
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The best jewelry from AQ40

In BWL there were enormously strong trinkets for all roles, which will remain "Best in Slot" in Phase 5. From the Temple, unfortunately, they will now be joined by only a few Trinkets:

  • Jom Gabbar from Ouro offers on paper the greatest possible damage plus for rogues, hunters and co. The sticking point: this only applies if the effect, which increases over 20 seconds, is optimally utilized. Earth Strike from the Silithus Call quests is a more reliable, but slightly weaker alternative.
  • There is still a big question mark behind the Swarm Guard badge. At the moment, many numbers enthusiasts assume that the gem will be rather meow in boss fights. However, when fighting trash groups (of which there are a lot in AQ40), the Trinket could rock, especially in the hands of hunters.
  • The Scarab Brooch can be a great alternative for some healers in certain situations.

The best non-set items from AQ40

  • Feral druids will find quite a few leather items in the loot lists that are a noticeable upgrade, but some of which other classes like rogues or buff shamans are also keen on. Here are just a few examples: Belt of Endless Torment, Gloves of Execution, or Execution Bracers of the Qiraji. Without too much competition, they should be able to pick up items like Mantle of Vicious Vengeance or Vest of Swift Execution.
  • In AQ40, there are some very strong capes for all roles: Cloak of the Fallen God, Cloak of Convoluted Hatred, Cloak of the Devoured, and Cloak of Clear Sight.
  • When it comes to rings and necklaces, some strong options crowd in, especially for spellcasters: Amulet of Vek'nilash, Ring of the Fallen God for more offensively-minded spellcasters, and Ring of the Martyr and Ring of the Devoured, respectively, as well as Amulet of the Fallen God for all medics. Interesting for tanks who want to increase their survival power: Mark of C'Thun and Ring of the Emperor Vek'lor.
  • When it comes to strong non-set equipment for offensive spellcasters, the following items are not to be missed: Gauntlets of Dark Storms and Eye Cord. The Rock Wrath Bracers from the upcoming Silithus Call quests deserve a special mention here.
  • Strong non-set pieces for healers include: Robes of the Patron Saint, Bangles of Royal Redemption, Waspskin Gauntlets, Don Rigoberto's Lost Hat, Gloves of the Messiah, or Grip of the Old God.
  • Offensive warriors will find two strong non-set armor pieces in the AQ40 lootlists with Wristguard of the Swarming Har rier and Breastplate of Annihilation. However, even more exciting for many plate fighters might be the manufacturable gaiters of the Titans.

Which items from AQ40 are you most interested in? Tell us in the comments!

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