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World of Warcraft

WoW: Forge your own legendary items - Blizzard Preview

On the official website of World of Warcraft, the Blizzard developers have put online a preview article in which they introduce you to the crafting of legendary items in the upcoming expansion Shadowlands. Among other things, you'll learn where you can get the materials necessary to build them and when you can start crafting them.

In the Shadowlands, you'll have to gain every possible advantage so that you can restore balance to the afterlife. In the Tower of the Damned you'll meet the Runemason, a powerful being imprisoned in the unholy halls of Torghast. Together you can forge legendary items with otherworldly powers to improve your chances in the battle against the dungeon master and his servants.

Forge your instruments of death

Once you reach level 60 and commit to a pact, you'll receive the "Prison of the Forgotten" quest, triggering a series of events that will take you to the interior of Torghast, where you'll help return the Runemason his memories. After that, the Runemason will help you forge powerful legendary items that you can infuse with otherworldly powers. To forge and customize these legendary items, you'll need to find various ingredients in the Shadowlands.

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Resources needed

Legendary gear consists of several components: a base legendary item crafted in the Shadowlands, two scribes, soul ash, and a Runecutter's memento. You can craft the base item and the letters using your professions. Soul Ash is obtained by clearing levels in Torghast, and the Runecutter's Memories recipes can be unlocked through various content in Shadowlands.

Legendary gear requires you to start with a specific base item (armor or jewelry) that can be strengthened by the Runecutter. Characters with the Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, or Jeweler professions will receive the recipe for crafting these base items as part of the Runecrafting quest line. These crafted items can be traded by players or purchased from the Auction House. Each time you craft such base items, you will gain experience and be able to craft them progressively at higher item levels. Each recipe can level up to level 4. Crafting higher level base items requires more resources.
WoW: Shadowlands - You can customize your legendary equipment with various powers from the realms of death. Source: Blizzard You will also need two letters to give the item two different secondary values of your choice. These can be made by players with the Inscription profession and can also be traded or sold at the Auction House.

For cleansing the unholy halls of Torghast, you will receive Soul Ash. This material refines the base item into a masterpiece worthy of its legendary status. You can earn Soul Ash weekly by clearing levels of Torghast. Two wings are available each week, so take on these challenges because the rewards are more than just tempting!

You can then fill your legendary item with the powers of death by collecting Rune Shrew memories. You can collect these memories in a variety of content, such as raids, mythic keystone dungeons, and PvP activities. In your adventure guide (default shortcut: "Shift+J"), you'll find all the powers available, how to obtain them, and what basic items you can buff with them via the Runemason.

Over time, you may even craft several legendary items. But just like in other expansions, each character can only use one of them at a time. So choose wisely!

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