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World of Warcraft

WoW: Weaker due to sockets? Rextroy PvP video reveals bugs again

In one of his earlier videos, WoW player Rextroy already showed how you can oneshot enemy players even naked thanks to the broken PvP scaling. Since the end of WoW Legion, new or returning players have been made easier to get into PvP by being able to deal and withstand almost as much damage as a top-equipped character, even with a lower item level.

However, the exact scaling is hidden from players' eyes in the game. For example, a warrior can deal 200,000 points of damage to a naked priest with 150,000 health with one attack and still not promote him to spirit healer. The priest survives because the numbers on the two players' screens are different.

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number 200,000 pops up for the warrior, but the priest only sees 130,000 damage taken in the combat log on his screen. This makes it especially difficult for players to estimate when to put on equipment with which item level. After all, when is the sweet spot reached where I'd rather wear less item level to get stronger?

it gets

especially complicated when sockets suddenly come into play

as well


As Rextroy shows in his latest video, adding a Versatility socket, which is supposed to reduce damage taken and increase damage dealt, can reduce your damage dealt and even make you take more damage. However, you'll only really know this if you compare the damage numbers on your opponent's screen ..

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