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World of Warcraft

WoW: Blizzard's shadow forums with WoW influencers may exist after all

With the Community Council, the developers of World of Warcraft have selected a small group of players who represent all areas of the game. Through a new forum, where only the selected players can write with the developers, communication with the devs should be encouraged to make WoW a better game.

This is to guarantee that the game is not tailored to the 0.5 percent of hardcore raiders and mythic-plus players. Blizzard made this mistake in the past by running a secret WoW forum with select WoW influencers. However, this project was disbanded at some point after developers and players were just at loggerheads at some point and insults were also allegedly made. Despite the introduction of the openly run Community Council, however, this shadow forum of developers and WoW influencers still exists.

"WoW influencer discord with YouTubers selected by Blizzard exists".

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Nnoggie from the WoW World First guild Echo writes on Twitter that leaks about changes in the game could be prevented if they simply closed this toxic Discord. What was meant was the changes for tier sets that came to light too early. But what kind of Discord is this supposed to be?

When asked, Nnoggie explains that there is a Discord server with WoW influencers selected by Blizzard, where important changes like the return to tier set tokens are discussed. Again, discussions between WoW experts and developers are said to be rather toxic.

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One step forward and one step back?

If this is true, the developers have fallen into old patterns and are doing exactly what the community is accusing them of under a false guise

. On the outside, they call a community council into being, in which everyone is supposed to be heard and in which outsiders can openly read along. On the other hand, they run their secret forums again, where they listen to WoW influencers. Read also these interesting stories 0

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So why the whole project and the meticulous selection process for the council? If this story turns out to be true, it would also answer the question why none of the big WoW influencers like Asmongold, Bellular or players from Echo and Liquid (formerly Limit) are on the Community Council or why they didn't apply in the first place. The answer is clear: Why apply for the council when you can play with the devs in a secret Discord about possibly much more important decisions around WoW (buy now ) anyway? What do you think of this story?

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