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WoW Classic: Ectoplasm Destiller - this is the reason for the aggro nerf

Update from August 04:
After the blatant aggro nerf to the quest item ectoplasm destiller from WoW Classic, some players criticized that the developers would once again violate their #nochange rule for no reason. After all, there was no comparable hotfix in vanilla WoW at the time. Due to the criticism, Community Manager Thyvene spoke up again in the official forum to explain the reason for the change:

"Last week, a hotfix was implemented that means the quest item for the quest "The Ectoplasm Pestler" now no longer generates a threat. We made this change because using this item in patch 1.12 granted a buff to all characters in range. And since buff effects generate threat by default, this item could be used to trivialize the threat mechanics of many encounters. We believe that this effect was not intended, and the effects were extreme enough to warrant a change.

Another reason for this change is that this item is not a quest reward, but an item required to complete a quest and removed afterwards. We want quest completion to be a rewarding experience and not feel like a bug."

Original news from July 31:
With Phase 5 of WoW Classic, Azeroth heroes can finally upgrade their blue dungeon set to the better Tier 0.5 version. In the course of the quest series required for this, it is necessary, among other things, to draw ectoplasm from defeated spirits with





In the

Discord groups of Classic Warriors (Fight Club) and Classic Druids quickly emerged after the launch of Phase 5 experience reports, according to which the distiller is a great way to increase the generated aggro of a tank. The effect of the device is significantly improved by the defensive stance or bear form. By the way, this is not a completely new discovery. Even in Vanilla WoW, some tanks used the distiller to better bind groups of opponents in Naxxramas (via Reddit). This even made some mechanics noticeably easier, for example with Fankriss in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj or with Grobbulus in Naxxramas.

What was

already used in Vanilla WoW (and tolerated by the developers) obviously doesn't have to be tolerated in Classic by a long


After a post on Reddit that pointed out the aggro mechanics of the quest device, Blizzard reacted immediately and applied a hotfix (via Wowhead). So if your tanks were in the process of playing the T-0.5 quest line up to the quest Ectoplasm Hunt to get the Ectoplasm Destiller : Don't do it, it's not worth it anymore!

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