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WoW Shadowlands: The Jailer makes your life difficult in the Maw

Blizzard has already experimented with different variants of threat levels in Battle for Azeroth, and is bringing a corresponding feature to Shadowlands as well: When you enter the Maw, the new end-game zone of Shadowlands, the Eye of the Jailer will watch you and cast Eye of the Jailer on you. The longer you stay in the Maw, the higher your threat level increases - and you have to deal with five tiers of debuffs.

You take damage until you leave the Maw or die.

Wowhead has compiled a list of these debuffs that we don't want you to miss:

  • Tier 1: Eye of the Jailer: Soul Beacon - Soulseekers are hostile to you. These are basically neutral mobs that populate the Maw. They have abilities like Decaying Blast.
  • Tier 2: Eye of the Jailer: Soul Surge - Towers will occasionally attack your position, dealing heavy damage on hit and chaining you in place for a few seconds.
  • Tier 3: Eye of the Jailer: Hunted - The Jailer will occasionally send assassins after you. The next time you enter a fight, an assassin will appear and attempt to kill you.
  • Tier 4: Eye of the Jailer: Kill Order - The Jailer will occasionally send elite assassins after you. These will show up just like the normal assassins, but these are elite mobs.
  • Tier 5: Eye of the Jailer: Immediate Extermination - You will take increasing damage and be slowed down until you leave the Maw or die. Currently, damage taken increases by three percent every three seconds, as well as your movement speed decreases by three percent every three seconds.

The Maw will not automatically kick you out of the zone when you die. However, you will lose half of your collected Stygia - the currency you can redeem with Ve'nari for benefits in Torghast - when you die.

Your threat level in the Maw increases over time, by the way, even if you are just standing around doing nothing in the Maw. The threat pet currently increases one level per hour in the alpha when you are not doing anything. Completing world quests in the Maw, killing rare enemies, and opening treasure chests will accelerate the threat level increase. Once you have reached a certain threat level, it is not enough to leave the Maw to reset it. Instead, a daily threat level reset will take place automatically.


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