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WoW Classic

WoW: Full pockets - How to make a lot of gold in WoW Classic right from the start


When the Classic servers of the MMO World of Warcraft go live on August 27, 2019, all players will start from scratch - and accordingly with an empty wallet. Our little guide should help you to earn as much gold as possible from the first second and thus be able to afford some helpful purchases pretty quickly.

What special features await you in World of Warcraft Classic? We'll tell you.
That's right: While most players are positively swimming in in-game cash these days, it was often in short supply in the early days of World of Warcraft. What's more, life in Azeroth was much more expensive than it is now. For example, in order to finally be able to ride a mount at level 40, you first had to buy the corresponding skill from the trainer - for 100 gold pieces. The "fast riding" skill even costs an exorbitant 1000 gold coins. Quite a few players didn't have the necessary small change at that time and therefore had to do without the fast means of transport despite all efforts. However, our guide should help you to avoid this. If you follow our small, but certainly helpful advice, you should have saved up a considerable financial cushion by level 40.

Even the smallest things make a mess    
An actually quite obvious tip concerns a process that many players tend to forget: Loot the defeated enemies and don't leave the loot lying around. Of course, especially at the beginning the available space in the inventory is quite limited due to the small number of bags. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to collect many items and sell them later at an NPC trader. It certainly won't bring you huge sums, but the masses do. Also, regularly looting defeated monsters will prevent you from "missing out" on more valuable items. Items with white instead of grey descriptions are often important materials for certain professions and sell well, especially in the auction house. If you're lucky, you might even be able to bag a World Drop, which could be worth quite a few gold pieces. So keep your eyes open and visit the NPC traders once too often rather than once too little.

Collecting resources      
Many players make the mistake - if you can call it that - of not only learning a crafting profession from the beginning, but also expanding it as quickly as possible. However, this costs quite a bit of gold in addition to massive amounts of raw materials and ingredients. It's true: The potions of an alchemist, the weapons of a blacksmith or the various enchantments undoubtedly offer some advantages that should help you level up. However, if your main focus is to collect as much gold as possible in the early days of your Classic career, crafting professions are definitely counterproductive. Our advice is to wait until your character reaches level 60 and it's easier to get the materials you need. Along the way, it's worth learning two gathering professions. For example, if you know Furriery and Herbalism, you will not only be able to collect valuable leather from defeated wild animals, but you will also be able to pick a lot of plants during your wanderings through Azeroth. You can sell these materials for a profit in the Auction House, as they are in great demand especially in the early stages of a new server - for the benefit of your own wallet.

Farming the right way   
If you've had enough of doing quest after quest on your way to level 60, you can take a "farming" turn or two for a change. In other words, find a specific spot in the world of Azeroth and defeat numerous enemies for the most valuable loot possible. It's particularly lucrative to collect the various types of cloth used in tailoring and learning the First Aid skill. To get them, focus on humanoid enemies, as they carry cloth relatively often. The Devil's Fabric is particularly sought after, and can be found on Satyrs in the Devil's Forest. We also highly recommend a visit to the Wasteland. There you will find a number of earth elementals, from which you can obtain the much sought-after deep stone salt. When farming, however, you'll need to have a certain amount of patience and not be bothered by repetitive actions. There's nothing really exciting about this way of earning money in World of Warcraft.

Grab the fishing rod   
Another alternative is often tiredly smiled at by many players, although it can be quite bearable - fishing. It's true that this activity isn't particularly exciting either, and initially requires a certain level of skill with the rod. But as soon as you start pulling deviat fish, night fins and rock snapper eels out of the water, you're in for a better time. These fish species are also materials for certain professions and usually sell for a good price in the auction house.

Using the auction house correctly      
This inevitably brings us to the next important point that the financial foxes among you should never forget - the auction house. This is an eBay-style selling platform where World of Warcraft players can buy and sell their (non-soulbound) goods.

Even if you don't have any materials in your backpack, you can still use the auction house to make money. However, this will require some diligence and comparison on your part - as well as a little seed money. Browse through the current offers in the most important categories such as "Raw materials" (ores, leather, herbs, etc.) and look for conspicuously cheap offers that are (significantly) below the average price. If you find such bargains, buy them up and re-list them at a higher price. Make sure you don't go above the current average price, otherwise you're less likely to find buyers for your goods.

Be Stingy      
One final piece of advice that's also pretty obvious, but often overlooked when leveling: be frugal. On your way to level 40 (100 gold for the riding skill) or level 60 (1000 gold for improved riding), don't get carried away with spending money that isn't absolutely necessary. It might be very tempting if an epic level 42 axe suddenly smiles at you in the auction house, with which you would deal significantly more damage. The advantage is undeniable, as you'll knock enemies off their feet noticeably faster than before. But first, this "boost" is temporary, as you'll surely find better weapons a few levels later. Secondly, such rare or epic weapons usually cost a disproportionate amount of gold. In almost all cases below level 60, the benefit is disproportionate to the expense. Rather keep your painstakingly saved gold and level up a bit slower, but then buy the much more useful riding skill directly at the mentioned hotspots (level 40 and level 40). After that, almost everything will go much faster and easier anyway - including earning gold.


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