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World of Warcraft

WoW TBC Classic: Battlegrounds with tribe groups are coming back!

At the beginning of September, the time had come: after two rounds of testing, the Blizzard developers finally introduced the ability to fight against your own faction on the Battlegrounds. The result: significantly shorter waiting times for the outnumbered faction. At the same time, however, the restriction that a maximum of groups of five players can sign up for a PvP battleground returned. According to Blizzard, it was simply too frustrating for soloists to be constantly worn down by regular or server groups without a chance.

Even then, those responsible explained that this measure would probably only be of a temporary nature. And lo and behold: In the official WoW forum, community manager Kaivax explained that it will again be possible to register for a battleground with the complete team as of Wednesday. However, the matchmaking system will then try to send such battleground groups into battle against other teams of similar size.

Here is the original wording of the post:

"With the next weekly server reboots of Burning Crusade Classic, all "organized" groups will be able to sign up for battlegrounds again.

After this hotfix, players in a group will primarily face off against other groups of similar size, and the enemy assignment will pit raid groups of 6 or more players against at least one enemy group of 6 or more players.

If the number of players in your raid group is less than the maximum number of players in the battleground, player allocation will automatically fill your side with other groups or individual players. If there are no large organized groups in the queue, groups of 5 players or less will be placed against other groups of 5 players or less.

Please keep in mind that signing up alone or in small groups does not guarantee that the opposing team will not contain large organized groups. "

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