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WoW: These classes/specs are most sought after by good raiding guilds

What class should I play next? And which spec will bring the most to my raid? This is a question many WoW players ask themselves, especially when they are new to the content and have several characters to choose from. Redditor ItsACrunchyNut also asked himself this question and wanted to know exactly.

He used a program to read the data from wowprogress that guilds can specify in the "Recruitment" line. Here guilds can list classes that are either urgently needed (High), rather so medium (Medium) and rather hardly (Low) for the raid. He evaluated about 4,000 guilds that had already achieved the achievement Der Zeit Voraus Der Kerkermeister as of May 10, 2022. And the result was as follows.

Statistic: These classes/roles are often searched for by good guilds

Redditor ItsACrunchyNut has created a statistic with the help of a web scraper, which shows which classes/roles good raid guilds in WoW Shadowlands are looking for the most. The data comes from the recruitment column of wowprogress.com. Source: Reddit ItsACrunchyNut ItsACrunchyNut has given a weighting to the Low, Medium and High recruitment levels for each class. 1 point for Low, 2 points for Medium and 4 points for classes listed out under High. This results in these statistics, which you can see in the picture above. Below you can see which recruitment line of wowprogress is meant.
On wowprogress guilds can recruit and display which classes are wanted and how urgently. For example, High means high demand for that class/role. Source: wowprogress.com
He also color-coded the roles (tank, healer, DpS and 'spec doesn't matter'). For mages the spec is not important (colored blue), tanks are colored black, healers green and damage dealers red. It is noticeable that, for example, paladins are often searched for as healers, just like priests - but they also have two healer specs. The editor left out the data of guilds that are looking for "everything" or have "closed" their recruitment for the time being.

Keep in mind that for healers and especially tanks, the number of raid slots is limited. The fact that a class is often sought after by good guilds speaks for the class. However, if you don't find your class/playstyle in the high demand area here, you shouldn't assume that your spec is less good, on the contrary. These classes have simply already been recruited in wise foresight because they are also needed.

These classes/playstyles are most and least needed in Shadowlands raids

These roles are needed
Ranged: 20,100Melee
: 12,800Healer
(ranged): 5,200Healer
(melee): 3,900Tanks:

These classes are the most needed
Druid (6,100
)Priest (5,100)
Shaman (5,100)

The least needed playstyles
Tanks: guardian druid (300), protection warrior (300), brewmaster monk (300
: ferocity druid (400), retribution paladin (600), survival hunter (700).

Tanks are generally not much sought after because the raid usually only needs two. They are still important, of course, and are always needed to get a raid going at all. However, good guilds seem to be well supplied with Protector Warriors, Brewmaster Monks, and Guardian Druids. Do you look at what classes/specs are missing from your raid and then decide what class to play? Or do you just play what you like the most and/or can play the best? We're looking forward to hearing your opinions in the comments.

Source | WoWreddit

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