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WoW: World First Mythic Plus 26 completed in time

The Chinese team of Vengeful Demon Hunter Raincloudy, Holy Paladin 杰克丶, Fire Mage Himelody, Balance Druid Starsfireman, and Lawlessness Rogue 最靓蘑菇头 have broken their own record for Necrotic Lane, becoming the first Mythic-Plus group to complete a dungeon in WoW Shadowlands at +26. You can check out the full run at douyu.com.

You can check out what Legendarys, Soulbond traits, mediums, and pacts each player used in the Raider-io profile above. In Necrotic Lane, it's essential to have a Kyrian with you to use your Provost to reactivate the deactivated golems in the dungeon, giving the party the buff of Anima Exhale.

In addition to their old record for Necrotic Aisle +25, the team holds records for Plague Plunge +24, Spires of Ascension +24, Mists of Tirna Scithe +24.and a few more. As you can see from raider.io's leaderboards, the mix of Vengeful Demon Hunter, Holy Paladin, Fire Mage, Equilibrium Druid, and Lawless Rogue has emerged as the meta comp when it comes to the very high keystones for some time now. In between, mix in a Windrunner Monk or Marksmanship Hunter.

Other than prestige in the mythic-plus scene, however, completing keystones at such high levels doesn't bring these ambitious teams anything. However, as we learned from the BlizzConline interview with Principal Game Designer Jeremy Feasel and Technical Director Frank Kowalkowski, the developers are working on a solution or additional incentives/rewards for keystones completed above +15.

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