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World of Warcraft

WoW Patch 9.2.5: Cross-faction play - what you can and cannot do

It is a turning point in the history of WoW. With the upcoming patch 9.2.5, the border between Horde and Alliance will be softened and will allow characters from different factions to play together for the first time. Orcs and humans are still on different sides, but they can form a group together and face the challenges in the dungeons or raids.

For this, Blizzard integrates a new feature with WoW (buy now ) Patch 9.2.5, through which you can invite players from your friends list even if they belong to the "wrong" faction. But that's not all the new feature offers. Of course, there are some questions about how exactly this works and what else is possible besides playing together. Many of these questions could now be answered thanks to the PTR.

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Cross-faction group play - what the new feature does

Besides the actual interaction, there are a lot of other things attached to the new feature - for example, the possibility to trade between factions as well.

Here's what you can do with cross-faction play as of patch 9.2.5:

  • Invite a player from the other faction via the friends list.
  • Visit dungeons or raids together with this player
  • Communicate with non-faction players in your group - both in group chat, say, or emote
  • Within an instance you can also
    • Interact with each other - trade, follow or upgrade to your friend's mount
    • There are currently no restrictions on this. The player of the other faction is treated the same as if he was a member of the same faction.
  • Create a community where players of both factions are represented
  • You can send mail to any character of the other faction - regardless of whether it is your friend or not.
Source: buffed Source: buffed

What you can NOT do, on the other hand:

  • No interaction of any kind is possible outside of an instance - no trading, following, or sitting on mounts
  • You cannot quest together - any progress you make on a quest will only count for the one player who completes the quest.
  • You cannot use automatic search functions with your mixed group - for example LFG or LFR

By the way, trading among each other only worked on the PTR if the players were on the same server. It was not possible to trade across server boundaries, neither with players of the same faction nor with players of the other faction.

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However, this restriction would do little. After all, playing with a player from the other faction usually means playing with a player from a different server. This is because on most realms, one of the two factions is almost extinct - even if there are some exceptions.

However, Blizzard would take another big step with the possibility of cross-server trading. Because this would remove one of the last borders between the individual realms and ultimately make the servers obsolete at some point - which is what we would like to see in the upcoming expansion anyway.

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