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World of Warcraft

WoW: Asmongold and the hunt for the Moonkin army

Shortly before the change to the year 2021, WoW-Influencer Asmongold stumbled upon an eerie goings-on in Nazmir, probably rather by chance. Nearly 50 Moonkin Druids unanimously marched in circles and bombed away any skeletal raptor that couldn't save itself. The assumption that this was a bot army was extremely close. Asmongold, after raising his lower jaw again, activated his community to put an end to the bot-armed goings-on in Nazmir.

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Together with other players, he sent messages to Blizzard and tickets to Game Master, and gathered his protesting fellow heroes at the Druids' farm spot to demonstrate against the unfair goings-on of the "moonboys" around Hyperspawns (he explains this to you in the video). When suddenly all the Boomkins running in circles disappeared, some players would have thought they had already reached their goal, but Asmongold and the other players found out that the (assumed) bots had changed the layer instance. After some experimentation, Asmongold finally found an instance with no less than 207 Moonkins; another WoW fan discovered another farm spot not far away, where about 100 Balance Druids were cavorting.

Apparently, the attention was too much for them, and one by one the druids disappeared. One note: It is ASSUMED that these were bots, but of course that is not really certain. Impressive and somehow creepy is Asmongold's recorded video footage nonetheless. The authors of Massively Overpowered have written about it.

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