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WoW: Ve'nari - Reputation Guide for the Maw Merchant

Ven'ari reputation guide1

. Ve'nari's location and achievements2. Ve'nari reputation rewards3. Collecting reputation from Ve'nari4. Collect StygiaWhoever

wants to go to Torghast in WoW Shadowlands can't avoid the middlewoman Ve'nari. This cipher merchant is your only ally in the Maw and grants you useful items for Torghast and the Maw when you increase reputation with her. She is the only armorer as well as NPC you will have contact with in this faction. She is the only character in Shadowlands who can act unnoticed in the Maw, has ambiguous goals for us, and wants to keep her whereabouts a secret. We'll show you how to increase Ve'nari's reputation, what items she has in store, what Stygia is and how to get it, and other useful info about this reputation trader.

Ve'nari's location and achievements

WoW: Ven'ari - reputation guide for the Maw Merchant (2) Source: buffed Those who have played the introductory quest of WoW Shadowlands and the first tasks at level 60 will have already spotted the Ve'nari outpost. Ve'nari is located in the middle of the maw, at the coordinates 46.9/41.6 (Ve'nari Refuge).

Trading partnerDeciphering
the intention of death


Reputation Rewards

Just like other reputation factions, Ve'nari rewards are only unlocked once a certain reputation

is reached.

In doing so, the extremely cautious NPC does not follow the normal reputation plateaus/names and is the only faction that does not have Paragon rewards. Below you can see Ve'nari's reputation levels sorted from bad to good:

Uncertain - 0/1,000Concerned
- 0/6,000Uncommitted



,000Dissatisfied -

- 0/21,000Appreciative


(maximum level)


Cipher of retreat


Vessel of Unfortunate SpiritsOutdimensional
Crack Walker EssenceOil of
Ethereal PowerSoul Connection Scepter


Anima current stabilizerSign of
the unseenAnimate
levitation chainSoul stabilizing tal

ismanMature of

precedenceMouth touched
miasmaLong fingered
skeleton hand


Soul Stabilizing TalismanRitual Prism of
InfuserReminder of


Dungeon Master's Eye (must have Rune Carving unlocked)


Magnifier of the Enchanting CharmRank Badge
: AcquisitorFragment of
Unbound Reality


MatrixSpatial Realignment ApparatusPattern
: Mark of the Craftsman II

Gather Reputation at Ve'nari

Daily Quests

Table of Contents1

. Ve'nari's location and achievements2. Ve'nari reputation rewards3. Gathering reputation at Ve'nari4. Collect Stygia

WoW: Ven'ari - reputation guide for the Maw Merchant (3) Source: buffed Every day you can pick up two dailies from Ve'nari. Each quest grants you 75 reputation points and 140 stygia. Completing a daily quest will immediately fill the Dungeon Master's Eye by 50% of your current level. Keep this in mind if you are still busy with mobs after completing a Daily.

Weekly Quests

You can complete two Weeklys per week, which will reward you with 850 Reputation and 450 Stygia. If you are sent to the Damnation Fortress in the west this week, you will receive as much as 1,100 reputation points and 700 Stygia. Similar to the dailies, the level for the Dungeon Master's Eye increases by one level with each completed Weekly Quest.

Lore items of the maw

Enemies in the Maw - especially Rare and Rare Elite mobs - have a chance to drop common and rare Lore items that reward you with 100 reputation with Ve'nari. There are 22 of these lore items in total, and finding all of them will earn you the Deciphering the Intention of Death achievement.


The rare mobs themselves also bring some reputation. There are a total of 21 rare mobs in the maw, each of which will grant you 80 reputation points with Ve'nari.

Special Rare-Mobs

Every now and then you can spot a skull on the map that represents a rare mob and can usually only be defeated in a group. In total, there are 19 of these special rare mobs, each of which earns you 40 reputation points with Ve'nari.

Wrath of the Dungeon Master

Every hour, the dungeon master focuses his wrath on a specific zone of the maw. During this event, players have the opportunity to defeat mobs in that zone and thereby fill up a progress bar. When the bar is full, a powerful lieutenant of the Dungeon Master will appear, granting you 250 reputation with Ve'nari and 100 Stygia if you manage to defeat him as a group.

Collect Stygia

All items you buy from Ve'nari are purchased with Stygia. This resource is tied to the maw. You will receive Stygia through the weekly quest at Ve'nari as well as for defeating monsters in the Maw. The longer you stay unharmed in the Maw, the more Stygia you can collect.

However, there is a catch. The more mobs you defeat, the more attentive you become to the dungeon master who controls this area. Through the eye of the dungeon master, he sends nastier and nastier mobs after you in stages until you finally die at level 5 and should leave the maw at this point at the latest.

With each death you lose 20 percent of your Stygia, which can be recovered from your corpse. Unlike in the rest of World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ), you don't become a ghost and run to your corpse when you die, but are resurrected directly at a graveyard when you die.

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