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World of Warcraft

WoW Shadowlands: Maw rat instead of sheep - new transformation for mages

Whether it's Penance, Ice Cold Trap, Headbutt, or Incarcerate, there are numerous abilities in WoW that heroes can use to keep pesky enemies out of combat. But none of them should be as well-known and iconic as Sheep of Mages. This spell is not only the starting point of several warrior jokes (Oh a sheep. Charrrrrgggeeee!), but has also made it into the feature film Warcraft: The Beginning. For many years now, mages have not been limited to turning their enemies into sheep. Through various tomes, they are free to transform opponents into penguins, cats, chimpanzees, pigs, hares or turtles. With the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands, another form will apparently be added. In the Shadowlands, you'll be able to transform annoying opponents into a maw rat and thus keep them out of the fight.
WoW Shadowlands: Mud rat instead of sheep - new transformation for mages (1) Source: wowhead Thanks to the new Polymorph (Mawrat) spell, mages can transform their enemies into a mawrat. Where you can get this enchantment and what you need to do for it is currently unknown. However, if you look at the sources of past tweaks to the transformation spell, they usually had something to do with where the animals in question were found. Since the maw rats are mainly found in Torghast, the Tower of the Damned, it is very likely that mages will be able to earn this new transformation there as well. Especially since the developers have already announced that various cosmetic rewards will be available in Torghast. Apart from that, this spell has already been in the files for some time as a mage's anima bonus, where it can only be used on undead creatures, another indication that the spell can be earned in Torghast.

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Sources: Blizzardwatch, wowhead, wow-db, vanion

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