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WoW: Ingenious idea - how fans use toys against botters

Who hasn't experienced it before: You're leisurely wandering through Azeroth or currently the Shadowlands, farming a few materials for your crafting - and suddenly a botter runs into you. Botting has become so rampant in Shadowlands that the WoW developers have even reduced the drop rate of certain types of leather that you can obtain through furriering. Unfortunately, this also affects honest furriers.

They, in turn, have now come up with their own method to get rid of the botters, or at least spoil their farming of materials. The reddit user thekingofbeans42 has illustrated a way to get rid of the botters - using various toys:

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This is because the player has simply placed a toy near the bot that can be clicked on, in this case apparently the Endless Toy Box. Because bots are trained to loot clickable ore and herb deposits or animal corpses, they enthusiastically run to the box, only to discover that there is no loot here at all. The bots are confused and distracted from their real task for the time being.

Another reddit user posted an alternative suggestion in a comment: If you have captured the Unstable Portal Emitter from the enemy Vizz the Collector in the seat of the Triumvirate, you can also use it on the bots. The portal emitter creates a portal for five seconds. If the bot clicks on the portal within that time, it will disappear to a random location on Azeroth.

Do you have any other ideas for toys that can be used to annoy bots? Write it down in the comments! Otherwise, as always, if you see a bot, ticket it for cheating!

Source: Wowhead

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