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The Dragonflight effect - WoW mark price briefly at 300,000 (as of 4/25/22)

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, the WoW token is used to finance one's subscription and thus one's playing time per month with the in-game currency gold. If you need game time, you can buy it in WoW's auction house. Those who want to get gold legally and have the necessary euro bills ready in real life can buy the token for 20 euros in the in-game store. Thus, players have the opportunity to legally obtain gold. In this article, we will keep you updated on the price development of the WoW token and give you weekly updates on the price of the WoW token.

Update April 25, 2022: The last update on the price of the WoW token was a while ago. There is a reason for that. Because for about half a year, the gold price of the token has remained relatively cheap by EU standards and has not reached the 300,000 mark, with very few, very brief exceptions. Immediately with the announcement of the new expansion WoW: Dragonflight, however, the price shot up again.
The price of the WoW brand rose rapidly after the announcement of Dragonflight. Source: wowtokenprices.com

Right on the day of the announcement (April 19, 2022), the WoW mark reached the 300,000 mark again, which we haven't seen in over half a year except for a strange blip at the end of February this year. In the meantime, the price has settled back into familiar regions (around 280,000 gold). Also read these interesting stories6

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WoW token price rises to 315,000 gold (as of 10/18/21)

WoW token price increases to 315,000 gold (as of 10/18/21) (1) Source: wowanalytica.com/wowtokenprices
Here you can see the price development of the WoW token from September 18 to October 18. In the meantime, the WoW token can hardly be bought for less than 300,000 gold and is really picking up speed. However, as you can see, there are always the typical big fluctuations. In the meantime, you can buy the token up to 15,000 gold cheaper within one day. In Europe, the price usually drops at night between 01:00 and 05:00 and at noon around 13:00.

Do you regularly buy a WoW token and keep an eye on the price? Write us in the comments. We are curious about your opinion.

The price of the WoW token in the picture gallery

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WoW Token: After the sharp price increase, the WoW Token in Europe is settling at 60,000 gold. Swings up to 65,000 are now a rarity. [Source: wowtoken.info]

(6/15/21) Price of WoW

token rises to over 280,000 gold

WoW token price increases to over 280,000 gold (1) Source: wowtokenprices.com

Looking at the graph of wowtokenprices.com, we see that the price of the WoW token has not lost value after the release of BC Classic, but even continues to rise. In just under a month, the price of the WoW token has increased by a good 10,000 gold. However, the graph has massive ups and downs. At times, the price fluctuates by almost 20,0000 gold within a day. For players who buy their game time with gold, it is becoming increasingly difficult to finance their month of game time. With a course to the 300,000 gold, a token is made palatable for players with enough real money. to the start page to the gallery Jump to comments (347) Sebastian Glanzer , Norbert Rätz

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