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WoW Classic Hotfix: No direct teleportation to Sapphiron when entering Naxx

Update from December 5, 2020:When Naxxramas opened its doors in June 2006, there was a strict separation between the lower part with its four wings and the upper part with Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad. Once you defeated the four wings, you were teleported directly into Frostwyrm Lair upon entering the raid.

This changed in the WotLK version - Blizzard placed teleportation orbs that allowed the two levels to be connected. However, as we now know as of late, WoW Classic Naxxramas has stuck to its original version in this regard - at least until recently.

Within a few hours, Blizzard did a bit of an about-face in terms of how players are supposed to move between Naxxramas levels. Quality Assurance Lead "Aggrend" had initially added a note to the "Not A Bug" list stating that teleportation was not intended, so WoW developer Pazorax admitted to an interim fix.

Thus, the following will be possible in a future hotfix:

  • If you re-enter Naxxramas after defeating the four wings, you will in future be able to enter on the lower level and thus avoid direct teleportation into the Frostwyrm LairBut in order not to take away too much of the original flair, there will still be no natural way out of Naxxramas - you will therefore still have to rely on assistance. And be it in the form of the rest stone.

Original post by WoW developer Pazorax:

The behavior of being teleported directly to Frostwyrm Lair once all 4 wings are cleared is technically not a bug. This is the behavior that existed in the original game.

However, we have decided this is worth changing. In an upcoming hotfix, zoning into Naxxramas will now place you on the lower entrance platform, avoiding the teleport into Frostwyrm Lair until you walk to the upper platform.

In keeping with the theme of the raid, however, there will still be no natural exit from Frostwyrm Lair. Naxxramas is, among other things, a magical prison from which escape is difficult for both physical and psychic reasons. One does not simply walk out of Naxxramas.

In order to escape from Naxxramas, you'll require the aid of powerful sorcery, available from mages, warlocks, or your local innkeeper.

Once you have exited, returning will start you in the lower 4 wings.

Update from November 7, 2020: Quality Assurance Lead Aggrend recently added another item to the Not-A-Bug list from WoW Classic in the official WoW forum. Numerous players were upset about the fact that Neretzek the Blood Drinker did not scale with spell damage and therefore demanded a bug fix on the part of the developers. However, Aggrend clarified in the night from Friday to Saturday that this is not a bug and will therefore not be fixed:

This is not a bug. I've just updated our "Not a Bug 90" list with the following:

  • Neretzek, The Blood Drinker's proc effect does not scale with Spell Damage.

Update, February 20, 2020: Blizzard has added another item to the Not-A-Bug list, reminding players that all sword-bearing classes are capable of donning the legendary weapon Thunderrage, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. This means that classes such as Mage and Warlock can also complete the associated quest line and equip the weapon themselves.

Update May 25, 2019: A few non-bugs have been added. Among other things, the issue of whether the size of gnomes is correct has also been resolved after players commented that gnomes on the live server are much smaller than on the Classic Beta servers.

Update May 21, 2019:Community Manager Kaivax recently added two more items to the "Not A Bug" list. First, it will not be possible to turn an enemy target (into a sheep) if that target has already been tapped by a player you are not in a group with. Second, the aggro radius has been adjusted at all player levels to match the predicted distance. We have expanded the list in the original post accordingly.

Original post from May 18, 2019: Some things look like bugs, but aren't bugs at all. Because WoW Classic differs in various larger and smaller detailssowohl from the current WoW (buy now 24,99 € ) including Battle for Azeroth as well as from the memories of the players of vanilla WoW, there is currently apparently often confusion on the beta servers of WoW Classic. Because beta testers keep reporting supposed bugs that are actually normal or intentional game elements, Blizzard has now published a "Not A Bug" list (via Wowhead).

Those who are currently or will be traveling around the WoW Classic beta don't need to bother reporting the following things as a bug:

  • Hitboxes for Tauren and their Melee range turns out to be slightly larger than other races.The Rage, Blood Madness, and Reckoning abilities do not activate on characters who take a critical hit while sitting (/sit).Using the Automatic Quest Tracking option does not automatically track newly accepted quests, but begins tracking active quests once a character makes progress on the quest objective.Health regeneration for Warriors works as intended.The game does not display quest objectives and important locations on the map or mini-map.Completed quests appear on the map with a dot (rather than a question mark).Featured players and NPCs walk fast(er).Characters standing on and facing away from other characters can use spells and attacks.Creature/enemy respawn rates drop significantly longer than in Battle for Azeroth.NPCs that offer multiple quests inconsistently display them as a dot or as an exclamation point in the list of available quests. The developers have reproduced the exact state of the game here with patch 1.12.Quests for which the player character's level is insufficient do not appear as exclamation points above NPCs in the game world.Available quests do not appear as exclamation points on the mini-map.With patch 1.12.1, there was an indicator that "Your skill in protection has improved to 15" - the developers want to keep this indicator.You will not be able to polymorph an enemy that has already been tapped by players who are not in a group with you.The aggro radius of enemies has been adjusted to the predicted range at all player levels.Quest items do not always have a text display.Drop damage is correctNPC speech bubbles may appear more often when multiple players interact with the NPC.Wanted quests via signs do not have an exclamation point.A character's loot animation does not always occur, such as when picking up quest items.Gnomes and Tauren are the correct sizeThe legendary sword Thunder Wrath can be earned and carried by all classes that can carry swords.The effect of the epic weapon Neretzek the Blood Drinker does not scale with spell damage.

This list clearly shows how much the WoW community has already gotten used to various convenience features that didn't exist in vanilla WoW. What do you think? Which points surprised you, which do you remember well? Write it down in the comments!

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