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WoW: Legion raids still partly un-soloable after hotfix

Update from December 24, 2020:
The developers at Blizzard Entertainment released a Legacy Raid hotfix on November 24 - about a month ago, in fact. This hotfix should have ensured that players beyond the 50th character level kept their full bonus when fighting Legion opponents. This should have thus fixed the scaling issue in Legion raids that was mentioned.

A month later, however, numerous players are still complaining on Reddit that Legion content is still more difficult to solo. According to some players, they can't even clear Legion raids on the normal difficulty. Other players, however, have no trouble at all on the heroic difficulty of the Tomb of Sargeras raid.

While we don't know the exact cause, it seems like these issues vary from class to class. What has been your experience here over the past few weeks? Write us in the comments!

Original post from November 22, 2020:
The next WoW expansion will be released at the end of November. After about two years of Battle for Azeroth, we will be able to explore Bastion, Maldraxxus, and more starting next week. WoW Shadowlands has some new features - the biggest one is probably the reduction of the maximum level to 60.

So-called "squishes" are nothing new in and of themselves - we already experienced numerous such adjustments in the area of item levels. However, this was always accompanied by scaling problems. Remember at the beginning of Battle for Azeroth when old raids and dungeons became much harder? Back then, the scaling combined with the item and stats squeeze caused a lot of difficulties.

Will we experience similar problems again in WoW Shadowlands?

Legion Raids currently more difficult to solo at level 60

As WoW (buy now €14.99 ) Head recently reported, Legion raids seem to be significantly more difficult with the new Shadowlands maximum level (60) than they were at level 50. But what could that be due to?

Anshlun from WoWHead dived into the WarCraft log data and was able to uncover some exciting findings. There is said to be a hidden aura at level 50 that drastically increases all spell damage. However, this aura didn't seem to be active for him at level 60, which means that you have to deal out significantly more damage on the one hand and take more damage on the other.

How was this tested?

To get comparable data, Anshlun tested a level 60 and level 50 Priest against the boss "Garothi Worldbreaker" on mythic difficulty. Both characters cast the Mind Blast spell. The equipment looked like this:

  • The level 50 Priest used the patch 8.3. set with item level 130 and Azerite Essences and Traits.
  • The level 60 Priest used item level 190 Honor gear.

As you can see in the two logs (level 50 priest VS level 60 priest), the following damage numbers occurred:

  • Mind Blast dealt nearly the same damage to both Priests.
  • However, the level 50 Priest has 156 Intelligence, while the level 60 Priest has 451 Intelligence.
  • Therefore, the level 50 Priest deals damage almost triple what he should deal based on his Intelligence value.

The sticking point here is the switch from Battle of Azeroth power systems (Azerite traits, Essences). While we gain ten new levels, we lose these powerful effects. Furthermore, level 60 characters suffer significantly more damage - as seen in this test. However, it is generally assumed that these scaling problems are not so much due to the level reduction, but much more to the removal of the class modifiers.

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