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WoW Shadowlands: Legendarys come in 4 item level variations

In the WoW Shadowlands beta, legendary items can now be crafted with four different item levels. The higher the level, the more resources you need and the higher the item level of the Legendary.

For the production you need a kind of base item for the respective equipment slot (leatherworkers, blacksmiths and tailors can produce), two different value scrolls (such as a Haste scroll, from the inscription expert) Soul Ash (weekly reward from Torghast) and of course the recipe for the Legendary itself (available from various sources)

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For example, if you want to make a cloth item, you need Enchanted Lightless Silk, which only tailors can make. Similarly, other crafting professions come to the fore again because, as mentioned, they also craft the base items.

The only resource that you can't collect at will is Soul Ash from Torghast


If you complete the scenario at least at level 8 each week, you will receive 100 Soul Ash. This means that after four weeks you will be able to craft a Legendary with the highest item level. If you prefer to have your legendary effect quickly, you can also craft the desired item in the first week.

  • Rank 1 (iLvl 195): Requires 100 Soul Ash
  • Rank 2 (iLvL 210): Requires 200 Soul Ash
  • Rank 3 (iLvL 225): Requires 300 Soul Ash
  • Rank 4 (iLvL 235): Requires 400 Soul Ash

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