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WoW: The end of the count - Cinematic from Castle Nathria [spoiler].

Count Denathrius is the ruler of Revendreth and the final boss of the first raid of WoW: Shadowlands. The sinister count and his henchmen have recently entrenched themselves in Nathria Castle and supply the dungeon master from there with the stolen anima. After a long battle against all sorts of Venthyr and monsters, our heroes manage to confront Denathrius at the top of Nathria's tower. After his defeat, a very special fate awaits the count. You can watch the final scenes in this Twitch video.

The final battle

So Denathrius is not dead, his essence escapes into his rune blade Remornia. The magical sword then tries to escape to bring Denathrius to the dungeon master. The latter is supposed to heal the count again. However, Prince Renathal and Draven imprison Remornia and then consult about what to do with the rune weapon and the essence of their former master.

Remornia: This is not the end, Master! Let me preserve you!
Draven: The blade has drawn in his essence!
Remornia: Zovaal shall restore you, Master! We will have vengeance!
Prince Renathal: No. Denathrius will answer for his betrayal.
Remornia: Treacherous Prince! I will skewer you! Slice you! Slash you! Vivisect you! Cut ribbons from your--
Prince Renathal: We've all heard quite enough from you!
Draven: If that sword truly holds the Sire's essence, I fear your spells alone cannot keep his power contained.
Prince Renathal: True. But I know something that can. We will bring the blade to Sinfall. The naaru that the mortals rescued, Z'rali, has pledged to aid our cause.
Prince Renathal: For too long, Denathrius used the Light as a weapon against our people in the Ember Ward. Now, it will be used to bind him.
Draven: A fitting fate for one so prideful. He will watch helplessly as we restore Revendreth and thwart the Jailer's schemes.
Prince Renathal: Yes, my friend. Together with these mortals we will claim victory.

The Return to Revendreth

WoW: The End of the Count - Castle Nathria Endcinematic [spoilers] (2) Source: Wowhead But as has been the custom in Revendreth for eons, even the greatest sinner is granted one last chance at redemption. With the quest Redemption for the Redeemer, the Count's Essence and his Runeblade come to Fall of Sin, to the top of the tower where the rescued Naaru Z'rali dwells. There Denathrius is to atone for his crimes against the Shadowlands. He is imprisoned in a light prison, a lenient punishment for a tyrant who drove the rebellious Venthyr into the light around the Fall, torturing his rivals for millennia. At the end of the video, Prince Renethal reminds his count once again that it is Denathrius' turn to learn a lesson. But watch the exciting video for yourself.

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Finally, you can talk to Prince Renathal in Fall of Sin:

It will take time. Time the likes of which your kind have yet to measure.
But in that time, I see my oldest friend, my closest confidant, and my greatest Master stepping forth from this pinnacle of lecture, his true purpose once again affirmed.

The Venthyr prince regrets Denathrius' betrayal. We, on the other hand, are curious to see what role Denathrius will play in World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ) in the future. After all, the Count still lingers among us and he is not very happy about his house arrest. Denathrius also knows how to manipulate the light, which could bring the jailer back into the picture. Zovaal is currently very interested in Anduin and his strong connection to the Light. However, perhaps the Naaru Z'rali will get his memories back and can tell us more about the jailer's grand plan.

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