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WoW Shadowlands: Petting cats in Maldraxxus - All locations known

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Update, 08/24/2020: In the meantime, the locations where you can find the individual cats for the achievement "Nine Afterlifes" are known. We have added the corresponding info to the list of cats below.

Original message: Kel'Thuzad can be accused of many things, but not of not being a cat lover. So it's not surprising that in Maldraxxus, one of the WoW Shadowlands areas closely associated with him and the Scourge, there are a lot of small and cute cats that you can find and pet. If you take the trouble to search even in the furthest corners of the area and give all the cats a stroke, you will also be rewarded with an achievement. For Nine Afterlives, you have to pet nine cats, and Blizzard has once again been creative in naming them, hiding a few allusions. WoW Shadowlands: Petting cats in Maldraxxus (1) Source: buffed

  • Nine Afterlive - Find and pet all the kittens in Maldraxxus.
    • Hairball - in the dungeon Plague Fall after the third boss Domina Venomblade in an alcove before the final boss Margrave Stradama.
    • Envy - sleeping at Glutharn's Decay (65/50) surrounded by corpses of dead cultists
    • Chaos - in a pile of garbage in the House of Eyes (49/17)
    • Snots - north of the House of the Chosen (32/57)
    • Mr. Jigglesworth - in the northern part of the House of Rituals (64/22), floating in a ritual of his own
    • Moldstopheles - south of the Tomb of Knowledge on a large mushroom (47/33)
    • Pus-In-Boots - under the bridge connecting the Theater of Sorrows with the Seat of Primus (50/60)
    • Lime - south of the House of Eyes on a huge bone (51/27)
    • Meowmalade - at the spearhead sleeping in a box (34/53)

By the way, when you pet a cat, you get the debuff "Gross", which turns your character green, but apparently has no negative effect.

Mr. Jigglesworth is undoubtedly a reference to Mr. Bigglesworth, and Moldstopheles is strongly reminiscent of Mr. Mistoffelees in Cats. Moreover, the title of the success will most likely still be translated.
The slime cat would be a reward, but it could also be earned through the recognition system. Source: wowhead There is currently no reward for this success. However, it is not necessarily unlikely that such a reward will be added in the future. We think the slime cat pictured above would be perfect as a reward. However, it is currently marked "Maldraxxus Renown" in the tooltip, so it seems to be a reward for the new recognition system.

What reward would you like for petting cats, or is the joy in their eyes reward enough for you?

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