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WoW: HD variants of the starting equipment replace old armor pieces

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Update from September 06th:
WoW patch 9.1.5 is all about cosmetic changes - and that's why it's now confirmed what we already suspected a short while
The developers are replacing the starting equipment for new characters with the upcoming update. You will then receive a corresponding armor set according to your chosen class. There are the following things to note about these sets:

  • The new sets completely replace the old equipment. The latter will then no longer be available in the game!
  • The new armor is only class-specific, but no longer race-specific. So Horde players and Alliance players will get the same look.
  • Because it is common quality gear, you will not be able to use it as a template for Transmogs.

Original news from August 30th:
Dataminers have once again found some interesting stuff in WoW's files. This time it's a whole series of equipment items that indicate that our characters in the starting areas will soon be able to stroll around in HD armor. Because in the files of the current patch 9.1 HD variants of very simple armor sets were found, as they are normally used in the individual starting areas.
In addition to that, some corresponding icons were found, which are titled "startinggear" in the internal data. In contrast, the armor sets from the new starting tutorial, the Isle of the Exiled, for example, are titled "newplayer".

Now put that together and look at the look of the newfound armor at the same time, and you're really only left with one conclusion. The armors are intended for newly created characters in the classic starting areas. Why they were already implemented in the game files with patch 9.1, but not yet added to the game, remains a mystery. Maybe this is related to the upcoming patch 9.1.5, which will massively increase the twink-friendliness, among other things. Since this patch offers players an incentive for more twinks from a gameplay point of view, the armor could serve as a visual incentive - even if the vast majority of players probably exchange them directly for heirlooms (or transmog them) anyway.

It's probably much more likely that Blizzard wants to continue down a path they started down some time ago. WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

should become more beginner-friendly. And that, of course, includes the visuals that new players are confronted with in the first few minutes in the game. And that's where the fancy new HD variants naturally make a better impression than the previous versions.

Here are all the HD variants that have appeared in the game files in the clear image gallery:

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WoW starting gear cloth [Source: wowhead

]What do you think of the new sets? Tell us in the comments!

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