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World of Warcraft

WoW Shadowlands: Torghast Run with a Necrolord Survival Hunter

In the heart of the maw in World of Wacraft Shadowlands is Torghast, the Tower of the Damned. It is a cursed otherworldly prison where the most shameful souls of the universe are locked up. The gameplay is reminiscent of the Great Nephalem Portals known from Diablo 3, where you use random buffs to fight your way through several levels until you reach the final boss, who then drops particularly valuable loot. As usual in MMOs, the game experience here is naturally more complex and elaborately orchestrated.

As you assist

the Necrolords, an army of lichs, warlords and spies in the Maldraxxus zone, during the course of your adventures and later make a pact with them, they'll grant you some of their power and access to rewards as well as other helpful buffs


In the case of the Hunter, one of these is the Necrolord signature ability Flesh Forming and the other is the class ability Death Shakram. Fleshforming creates a shield of flesh and bone that prevents damage equal to a portion of your maximum health. If you stand next to the corpse of a defeated enemy while casting this ability, you gain a larger shield. Death Chakram casts a deadly chakram on your current target, dealing additional shadow damage within a short period of time. Each time the chakram damages another nearby target, its damage increases and you generate additional focus. The shield of flesh and bone fits particularly well with the Hunter's melee specialization, Survival Hunter, and the chakrams line up seamlessly in the skill rotation.

In the following annotated image gallery, you'll accompany our Necrolord survival hunter on a solo Torghast run and learn about the most important features of this addictive endless dungeon. We've chosen the wing The Halls of Skoldus, overseen by the guard of the same name, who torments his victims with rats, dogs and other animals. We're going to beat the crap out of him. Have fun!

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WoW Shadowlands: The Taure Flaschatorghast grants us access to the dungeon in the alpha. [Source: Buffed

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