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WoW: The Mage Tower returns next week - for good!

The return of the Mage Tower in WoW: Shadowlands presented players with a greater challenge than anticipated. Even with good time-travel gear, many players invested hundreds of attempts to get the Transmog Set and the Sailing Spell Foliant. In January 2022, the statistics show that hardly anyone was able to earn the mount.

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Return of the tower - forever!

If you're one of those players who still have a bone to pick with the Mage Tower challenge, good news for you! You don't have to be pressed for time in the future! Blizzard announced on the official WoW website that the Shadowlands Mage Tower will return next week, permanently and independently of the Legion Timewalk bonus event.

"In developing the original bonus event for Legion time walks, we were looking for other fun features of Legion that we could add. One was the anachronistic keystones, and the other was the Mage Tower.

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Your feedback and our observations have convinced us: it doesn't do justice to the spirit of such an event if a challenge of personal skill is only available for a short time every few months. Therefore, starting the week of March 30

, the Mage Tower will be permanently available, regardless of the Legion Timewalks bonus event."

What do you guys think of this adjustment? Are you looking forward to the return of the Mage Tower or is the feature already written off for you? Let us know in the comments. If you still have the solo challenge on your agenda, check out which tricks are the most rewarding for the Mage Tower

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