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WoW Shadowlands: Engineers get an auction house in Oribos

When we start our journey to the Shadowlands, we are actually cut off from the real mortal world. But because that would cause some problems from a gameplay point of view, in WoW Shadowlands we still have the possibility to move back and forth via portal and visit the capitals of our faction. This is also necessary. Because similar to the bases of previous expansions, for example Boralus, Dazar'alor or the Valley of Eternal Blossoms, Oribos doesn't have an ordinary auction house. So if you want to shop, you'll have to help yourself in some other way.

WoW Shadowlands: Engineers get an auction house in Oribos (2) Source: buffed One option is to learn the profession of engineer. Because, as in the places mentioned above, we can find a robo-auctioneer in Oribos. However, this can only be used by engineers, who get access to the auction house of Azeroth. We still wonder how the little robots manage to do that, but we'll just take it for what it's worth. By the way, the engineering teacher is right next to the auctioneer. So if you don't have a profession yet, you can learn engineering there for a few gold pieces and have immediate access to the AH. You don't need to craft anything, nor do you need any particular level of engineering skill.
The second option, of course, is the AH mount, the Mighty Caravan Rutosaurus. This also works in the Shadowlands and gives you access to the Auction House. However, at 5 million gold, it's not particularly cheap to get, and it also disappears from the merchant's offerings with the pre-patch.

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