•   Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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WoW Classic: Moonkin Madness - Druid Raid fails in Molten Core

Since the difficulty level of WoW Classic has been pretty simple so far, the heroes of Azeroth are always looking for new challenges to spice up their weekly raid routine. For example, we've already had 33 Druids successfully take on Onyxia, and 40 Shamans take down all the bosses in Molten Core.

What Shamans can do, Druids can certainly do, right? After all, the Friends of Nature not only have healers and melee and ranged DDs at their disposal, they can also send real tanks to the front. 40 times revive, 40 times energize - what could possibly go wrong? That's probably what the nearly 40 Druids who recently set out for Blackrock on the EU RP PvP server Zandalar Tribe thought.

By the way, the raid was led by the streamer Skinwalkertv, who was able to secure a regular place in the RAW raid guild with his Balance Druid. A total of 25 owls are said to have been part of the "MC-Run". Where the heck did they find them all? The druid pack was not as successful as the shaman raid, however. Maybe it was because the raid was never really full, druids had to leave in between, were offline..


Lucifron went down after three tries, Magmadar had a lot of problems with his fear effect. Gehennas worked in the "First Try", good, with Garr the add tank died unexpectedly, less good. The small elementals successfully preyed on the Druids present. In the end, a mixture of broken equipment, resurrected trash and missing healers caused the raid to be stopped after a few hours. Druids versus Molten Core 0:1. A revenge is to follow. Then with a full raid and better preparation. We'll keep you posted, of course.

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