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WoW: New treasury UI, but season 2 loot? Yup, that must be so

You've noticed: Season 3 of WoW: Shadowlands started today, March 2, 2022. This means that the new requirements for the Great Treasury in Oribos are now active. By active, we mean that you can read them in the UI of the Vault.

New goals for Treasury loot

Here's a little reminder, this is new:

  • The first raid reward now requires defeating 2 raid bosses instead of 3.
  • The second raid reward now requires defeating 5 raid bosses instead of 6.
  • The third raid reward now requires defeating 8 raid bosses instead of 9.
  • The third Mythic Plus reward requires 8 completed dungeons instead of 10.
  • The third PvP reward requires 5,500 honor through rated PvP instead of 6,250.

Everything different in week 1

Some players are confused because they were still rated and rewarded according to the "old rules" despite these new requirements. Therefore, Community Manager Kaivax clarified once again a few hours ago: These new requirements will only take effect with the upcoming ID change.

Or to put it another way: This Wednesday, as March 2, 2022, you will still be rewarded for your deeds from the last Season 2 week, based on the Season 2 requirements. Moreover, there's "only" Season 2 loot, which can reach a maximum item level of 252.

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If the loot item doesn't turn you on, why not choose the servant tokens of commendation, which you can exchange for packs of cosmic flux, for example. More important details about the loot around the start of the season can be found below:

  • Loot items at the end of a Mythic Plus run will max out to Mythic+10 quality in the ID from March 2 to March 8, 2022.
  • Season 3 loot from rated PvP will go up to a maximum of Rival 2 quality (base item level of 268), until the opening of Mythic difficulty from the Mausoleum of the First.
  • If you meet the prerequisites of the Great Treasury in the ID from March 02 to March 08, 2022, you will receive the rewards with the new item level caps after the maintenance on March 09.
  • For Mythic+15 this means: Item level for successful run: 262 / Item level for too slow completion: 259 / Item level for Great Chamber reward: 278
  • Starting March 9, 2022, you will also be able to obtain the new Tier Set items via the Grand Treasury for the first time. The respective chest and shoulder parts will be the exception, they'll be available from March 16 at the earliest.
  • When you defeat bosses that can drop pet set items, you increase the chance that the respective item will show up in the Great Treasury reward.
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