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World of Warcraft

WoW: Exploit discovered - farm infinite Stygia despite dungeon master

If you want to farm the currency Stygia in the Maw of the Shadowlands in order to be able to buy various bonuses from the mediator Ve'nari, you will sooner or later come up against a limit: Because activities in the Maw draw the attention of the dungeon master to you, so that you will eventually fly out of the Maw. So you can only collect a limited amount of Stygia in a day - unless you take advantage of an exploit that some players have recently discovered.

Warning: In this news we describe an exploit that overrides common game mechanics. You should not exploit this exploit yourself, because Blizzard will most likely punish those players who took advantage of the exploit with a ban. Nevertheless, we will explain how the exploit works so that you know about its operation and can refrain from it when someone tells you about this "cool new trick".

Currently, there are occasional mobs in the Maw that will reward you with Stygia if you kill them without earning points for the Dungeon Master's Eye. Reverberating Misery

is a regular and exploit-free mob, but this rare mob has a long respawn time, so most players don't use it to farm Stygia. You'll also find the Slurry Cockroach Cubs in the Beast Maze, which also drop Stygia without their deaths earning you points for the Dungeon Master's Eye.

Players have now found a way to spawn Mud Cockroach Cubs in large numbers and farm a lot of Stygia very quickly. At coordinates 47/76, there is a cave with various eggs lying around. If you run over these eggs, Slurry Cockroachlings will appear. Because the eggs respawn very quickly, you can *theoretically* collect large amounts of Stygia in a very short time without the dungeon master being interested in you.

We would like to point out once again that this is most likely an exploit and you can expect to be banned if you take advantage of this mechanic. The WoW developers will also probably take measures to remove this exploit from the game soon.


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