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WoW Shadowlands: First the story, then the endgame - campaign is mandatory

The path is the goal: This could be the motto against which the WoW developers have designed the interaction between the story campaign and the endgame in Shadowlands. Unlike in previous expansions, players will have to completely finish the Shadowlands story campaign for the first time before they can enter the endgame.

According to Vanion, this means that you can't automatically start with the high-level dungeons and raids or PvE content like Torghast as soon as you reach the new maximum level of 60. You must first complete the Venthyr campaign. Only then will you get the quest in Oribos that will take you to the end-game content at level 60.

Why Blizzard practically forces players to play through the story of Shadowlands before they get access to the actual maximum level content is obvious: The story of Shadowlands not only plays a role in understanding the content of the later end-game content, but also in choosing the pact. So if you don't know what's going on in the Shadowlands and why, you won't be able to properly understand the background of the dungeons and raids, nor will you be able to make an informed decision regarding the important pact system.

But if you're now worried that you'll have to play through the entire story campaign over and over again with each character, you can breathe a sigh of relief: you only need to advance to the end of the Venthyr campaign with one character. All following twinks can immediately choose a pact and level up the zones according to their own wishes.

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