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WoW Shadowlands: Customize bear and cat shape regardless of weapon

While most classes are always on the hunt for the latest, greatest, and prettiest transmog stuff, some Druid playstyles are left out. While owls (with the appropriate glyph) and healers can act in normal form and thus benefit from stylish Transmog sets, things are quite different for cats and bears. They are forced to change into their animal form in battle. But at least since Legion they are allowed to change it by choosing the artifact weapon, and then by mogging an artifact weapon. The current disadvantage, however, is that the appearance of the animal shape is necessarily linked to the appearance of the weapon. So if you want to tank as a neon bear, for example, you'll automatically have the less popular fist weapons on when you're in humanoid form. With the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands , however, this could now change


because as dataminers have discovered, there are now also the entries cat form and bear form in the data of Shadowlands in the character categories. Of course, this is not a confirmation, but it suggests that the game modes in question will be able to change the look of their animal form in the upcoming expansion, regardless of the transmogrified weapon. This wouldn't be a groundbreaking innovation, of course, but another small detail that will make one or two players happier. And a new WoW expansion also needs such things. However, new cat or bear forms have not yet appeared in the alpha.

Here you can find more adjustments to the transmog system and other new features that dataminers dug up from the latest build of the alpha:
WoW Shadowlands: Transmog rules, models and many more newsSupport

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