•   Thursday, May 23, 2024
World of Warcraft

WoW: Army of 150 bears kills world boss Oranomonos in a few seconds


With an army of 150 bears, a WoW player was able to knock out world boss Oranomonos in a matter of seconds. Original: The world quest "Wrath of Aliothe" in the Arden Forest is currently not quite working as intended: A bug is causing players to be able to summon virtually endless armies of bear spirits via exploit. We'll explain how this works - and why you should stay away from it.

Nevertheless, we do not want to withhold the following video from you, which went online on Tosiko's channel. The player had recruited an army of 150 bears using the exploit described in the original post, only to then hunt down the local world boss Oranomonos. Spoiler: The fight only lasted a few seconds. But see for yourself:

If you're a regular traveler in the Ardenwald of WoW: Shadowlands, you've almost certainly completed the Wrath of Aliothe world quest a time or two. The quest is nothing special in and of itself, after all, you are simply supposed to purify the Garden of Night by killing 25 Spriggans. However, depending on how many other players are trying to complete the quest, it can take a while - and frustration sometimes makes you creative.

Fun to watch - but don't copy!
As Youtuber Archvaldor explains in a video, a glitch in the world quest allows you to summon a virtually infinite number of bear spirits. The WoW developers will surely fix this glitch shortly or until the next iteration of the world quest via hotfix. Should this not be the case, we would like to warn you not to exploit the exploit and farm large amounts of gold like in Archvaldor's video. Since exploiting the glitch is against the terms of use of World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ), you will almost certainly be banned from the game for a longer period of time if you use the glitch to gain unauthorized advantages in the game.

This is how the glitch works (which you should still not copy!): If you take on the bear form of Aliothe and click on the "Exit Vehicle" button immediately afterwards, the bear spirit will stay by your side as a pet. You can repeat this as often as you like, so that you have an endless army of bears to support you in battle.

Archvaldor exploits this glitch to farm large amounts of gold while another player instead engages in PvP, apparently causing carnage in War Mode.


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