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World of Warcraft

WoW: Conscious twinkling part 4 - damp merry sink in the beer country

A story with five acts1

. Twinken in WoW: Wet feet, wet throats2. Twinken in WoW: Nature strikes back3. Twink in WoW: Bearded girl for everything4. Twink in WoW: Undead for a short time5. Twinken in WoW: Remarkable encounters in the swamplands

Short review of the last installment of this Twink article series: After successfully inciting a group of murlocs against a gnoll in Loch Modan disguised as a bush, I now break with my dwarf Ceradras in the fourth part of our consciously "Twinken" experiment content Editor's note: It's amazing how good Karsten's face looks on the Zweg! Looks just like it does in real life! Source: buffed to the swampland. In case you missed our self-experiment so far, here are the rules in a nutshell: One of them reads all quest texts and forgoes everything that unnecessarily brings experience points, i.e. heirlooms, dungeons or collectible professions.
I also turn off the experience bar so that I don't get unnecessarily distracted while questing. So that the reading of the mission texts doesn't turn out to be too boring, I installed the Storyline add-on. Doesn't sound like too difficult rules, does it? But it makes for a whole new gameplay experience. You can find the first three episodes of our "Conscious Twinking" series in the following link list. But now it's off to the swampland.

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WoW: Conscious twinkling - an experiment for connoisseurs

What happens when a WoW veteran starts over and reads quest texts against his nature? Let's find out! 2

WoW: Conscious twinkling part 2

This is what happens when a WoW veteran reads quest texts, hides the experience bar, and puts heirlooms and dungeons on his ignore list. 5

WoW: Conscious twinkling part 3 - What a hole

In the third part of our "Conscious Twinkling" experiment, we explore Loch Modan and read every quest text. Heirlooms and dungeons, on the other hand, are off limits!

Twinkling in WoW: Wet feet, wet throats

The swampland is a zone entirely to my taste. I've barely left the tunnel connection between Loch Modan and the swamp when Mountain Hunter Rharen tells me about a barrel of the finest beer you can get in this area. Only a few orcs have stolen the precious brew, so it's clear that I immediately volunteer for a rescue mission. Deliberately twinkling in World of Warcraft: Orcs just don't have a sense of beautiful moggling. Source: buffed

Unfortunately, my hope of being allowed to keep the beer as a quest reward after the rescue turns out to be naive. I'm supposed to bring the beer to Fliesmeißel's measuring station and give it to a certain Forba ... oh man, and I'm risking my virtual life for something like that.

As soon as I arrive there, I realize: the local dwarves love beer at least as much as my alter ego. The surveyor Thurdan is still drunk as a skunk when he gives me his order. Dunlor Marmorbart, in turn, asks me to get ingredients for a remedy with which he can fight the massive hangover from which half the camp suffers. Consciously twinkling in World of Warcraft: Whether there is beer in the port of Menethil? Source: buffed

So I go into the swamp, get my boots wet, but find enough cranberries to rid a whole army of dwarves of the nasty headache. And since the medicine is already there anyway, I'm only too happy to accept the tankard that Forba holds out to me. Finally a morning pint! In the swampland, the motto is probably not "consciously twinkling", but "drinking unconsciously".

Twinking in WoW: Nature Strikes Back

The latent alcoholism I encounter in the swamplands seems to be normal among the dwarven people. This is also evidenced by the battle axe of the sober dwarf that I have been carrying around in my bag for quite some time. The tooltip says, as a comment on the weapon's name, "It's an oxymoron, buddy." All clear so far!!!
Deliberately twinkling in World of Warcraft: So that's what a whatchamacallit looks like. Interesting ... Source: buffed

Anything but normal, on the other hand, is the way nature behaves in the marshland. Forba tells me that the water near the camp has become hysterical, and I should beat sense and reason into the lake. Ultimately, though, the quest is just about knocking over a few water elementals - that sounded more spectacular at first.

The dwarves at Whelgar's Refuge also have their problems with their environment. Apparently they were attacked by their digging site. The earth has risen up and is now running amok, trying to crush any approaching dwarf. You guessed it: Behind the dramatic introductory text of the mission are 08/15 earth elements that want to be disassembled into their components. I find the living bone raptors, which I also have to deal with in the excavation city, much more exciting.

Twinken in WoW: Bearded Girl for Everything

The dwarves seem pretty overwhelmed in the swampland, they need my help at every turn. Sometimes I'm supposed to take a half-digested level from a greasy mudling, sometimes I'm supposed to mine highly explosive pyrophoic heart with a spark-resistant pickaxe. Honestly: Such tasks can only be mastered when drunk ...

In the port of Menethil, or what's left of it, the story continues: The hungover guards have allowed Dark Iron Dwarves to take up residence in the castle, and I'm supposed to send them out in a high arc. Since half the city is also under water, I solve a shark problem on the side - we don't want the children to lose a few body parts while bathing. Conscious twinks in World of Warcraft: Thanks to the Storyline addon, we also talk to the Swamp Keeper at eye level. Source: buffed

Twink in WoW: Undead for a short time

I get my personal quest highlight of the zone from First Mate Fitzsimmons. He tells me about the Third Fleet, which was attacked by orcs flying through the air on great dragons. He is the only survivor, he tells me, and if I want to know more, I should bring him his mead from the cellar of the inn, he can't do without it. Well, I know a few others here in the zone.

No sooner has the liquid gold oiled his vocal chords than he continues: there was a terrible treasure hidden on one of the ships, and its ghostly power now imprisons the souls of his comrades in the rotting hulls.
Conscious twinkling in World of Warcraft: The quest line around the Curse of the Third Fleet is one of the highlights in Swampland. Source: buffed

In fact, I find the lost fleet on the coast of the swampland and encounter lots of bad-tempered ghosts that immediately attack me. In the fights, I catch the Curse of the Eye, which not only increases my damage taken and gives me underwater breathing, but also turns me into an undead. Cool, so that's how easy it is to get rid of your love handles as a dwarf!

In one of the ships I actually find a chest pulsating in a creepy light, which must contain the Eye of Paleth. But when I bring the treasure to Glorin Steelbrow, the healer of the harbor, he tells me that Fitzsimmons has been dead for a long time... and that he has already appeared several times to travelers to let them search for the eye. Nice little ghost story, Blizzard! Conscious twinks in World of Warcraft: This is what a true dwarven legend looks like. Source: buffed

Twinken in WoW: Remarkable encounters

in the swampland

But there are also interesting living personalities in the swampland. The pretty dwarven woman Shilah Fliesmeißel, for example, who is obviously being hit on by every other short-legged person in the zone and therefore immediately tells me not to stare at her waist. Or the slightly confused gnome Fradd Schnellschalt, who makes me look not only for a baby raptor, but also for doodads for his engineering projects.
Deliberately twinkling in World of Warcraft: The final battle in the swampland unfortunately turns out to be pretty puny. Source: buffed

In Dun Modr I even meet a real dwarven legend: Thargas Anvossar must have defended the Thandol Crossing against the Dark Iron Dwarves at the side of the King of Stormwind, and now exactly this Thargas needs help from me - well, I'll be damned. After cleaning up the nearby settlement, the last quest of the zone leads to the battle for the Thandol Crossing.

In this battle all the important characters of the swampland fight at my side, but the fun is already over after a few seconds. I imagine a battle to be a bit more epic. Another pity: Instead of celebrating the victory with a hearty beer party, my allies immediately disappear again. Well, maybe there is someone in the Arathi highlands who would like to toast with me. But I'll report on that in the next part of our experiment. Consciously twinkling in World of Warcraft: pretzels and brew - there are plenty of both in the swampland. Source: buffed

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