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World of Warcraft

WoW: Fun Detected - Engineer's cardboard tank will be generated with patch 9.1

Beep Boop, Fun Detected. A rather innocuous but still quite useful engineer's gadget is being toned down in WoW Shadowlands patch 9.1. The cardboard beep boop is a kit that engineers can attach to their belt. Every five minutes, you can use it to set up a dummy that has some health and briefly draws the threat of enemies in the vicinity.

Cardboard Mate - Nerf in Patch 9.1

  • Cardboard Mate's level has been lowered from 60 to 35.
  • Cardboard Pals' health has been lowered from 11,792 to 1,989.

The effect of these two debuffs is that enemies can no longer miss the dummy, and our rogue cardboard companion ends up in the recycle bin in one fell swoop.

The trigger for the nerf is apparently the Mythic Plus tournament The Great Push. There, keystones are not played to +18 or +20 like in MDI, but the difficulty is pushed as far as possible. In this more casual event, the winner is not necessarily the fastest key, but the highest key.

At keystone levels of +22 and higher, it's not uncommon for the tank to be in the dirt within a second unless strong defensive cooldowns are ready. The cardboard companion has the tank especially when kiting mobs at least for a second the attention to swing. This gimmick has been recognized by the developers and is therefore toned down. On the one hand, this is a shame for tanks in high Mythic Plus dungeons, but on the other hand, groups shouldn't necessarily have to rely on engineer gadgets.

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