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WoW: "Away Victory" - the new rare enemies from patch 5.1, tips


Blizzard's WoW makers are also expanding the selection of rare opponents in Pandaria with patch 5.1 for World of Warcraft. With luck, the new "Rare Spawns" will bring you a Bloodstained Invitation for the Battle Guild - and the "Away Victory" achievement.

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And those who want to increase their reputation with the Black Prince particularly quickly are also hunting down the rare enemies. For the 5.1 phase of the Furorion quest line, you'll have to beat up enemies from the other faction to earn reputation points with the Black Prince - and the rare spawns will earn you 400 points. In addition, the lords may have PvP trinkets that only work in Pandaria, which can temporarily boost your PvP power or PvP defense, or cancel movement-restricting effects. Also in the Loot Table, along with the aforementioned Bloodstained Invitation, is a one-time use item that credits you with 250 honor points.

The six rare enemies are divided into three hero categories, which determines which abilities the guys and gals use. There is one Alliance and one Horde representative of each hero type.

WoW Achievement "Away Victory": Heroes of Light
Horde players hunt: Disha Fearguard (Coordinates 87,29)
Alliance players hunt: Muerta (Coordinates 10, 56)

The two Heroes of Light stand in the middle of the new faction bases in the Krasarang Wilderness. There are two things to watch out for when fighting them. First, the ladies like to stun you. The second is that they cast Wrath of Light. This spell deals area damage over a wide area, and you should move away from it quickly. Of course, the two abilities are particularly nasty in combination.

WoW Achievement "Away Victory": Heroes of the Shadows
Horde players hunt: Mavis Harms (Coordinates 84,31)
Alliance players hunt: Ubunti of the Shadows (Coordinates 13,66)

Heroes of the Shadows will stun you periodically and repeatedly range with a Shadow Step-like ability. This sounds harmless at first, but quickly turns deadly. As soon as Mavis and Ubunti are at a distance, they start attacking you with Deadly Throw. If you take too many hits from them, you'll quickly find yourself at the Spirit Healer. After Shadow Stepping, get into melee range as quickly as possible so they can stop attacking you with Deadly Throw.

WoW Achievement "Away Victory": Heroes of Arms
Horde players hunt: Dalan Nightbreaker (Coordinates 85,27)
Alliance players hunt: Kar Warmonger (Coordinates 14, 57)

With Dalan and Kar, you need to watch out for Crushing Blow. With this attack, they do a fair amount of damage with a smash attack in their line of sight. Move away from the danger zone as quickly as possible within the short casting time of the attack - especially melee fighters need to be on their toes here.

The new rare enemies can be dealt with on their own, but it's best to take them on in a small group. Especially since the enemies are in areas where other NPCs can easily join the fight. Also, keep damage-reducing effects or enemy-control skills on hand. Watch the video below to see the new "Rare Spawns" in action.


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