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WoW Patch 9.1.5: Mage Tower will be available for testing for one day starting Oct. 21

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Update 10/20/21:

Community Manager Linxy announces in the official WoW forum that the Mage Tower will be available for testing from Thursday, October 21 from 7pm until Friday, October 22 at 7pm. Players have 24 hours to test as many classes and playstyles as possible and to pass on possible bugs and feedback to the developers.

In the official WoW forum, developer Zahiko has responded to the community's questions regarding Legion time-travel keystones and the Mage Tower in patch 9.1.5. He again mentions that it is intentional that Azerite Armor and other old Legendarys will not work in Legion Time-Walking dungeons.

Unlike other timewalking dungeons, Legion instances don't have you downgraded to the level of the dungeon, but rather the dungeon is upgraded to your level. Legion timewalking instances are meant to play about as difficult as the normal Mythic Plus dungeons and give you another option for your M+ week.

WoW: Wrath of the Lich King - Trailer for the new Pandemic board game.

Mage Tower soon™

For this reason, they didn't want to penalize other players who can't hit up Timewalk dungeons with BfA Azerite gear, Legion Legendarys, MoP Legendary cloak, etc. They don't want to punish these players for not actively playing back then, the developer said. However, in all Nostalgia dungeons away from Legion, you will still be able to take advantage of as many bonuses as possible. Zahiko also mentioned the following:

  • After looking at player feedback, the next PTR build will revise the Inferal affix.
  • The developers will take another look at the items from the Legion dungeons to make sure they are still balanced with the current item level.
  • The implementation of the Mage Tower on the PTR is getting closer and will be ready for testing soon.

Have you been updating your Twinks to meet the Mage Tower challenges? Check out our Mage Tower overview to see which spec has to face which challenge.


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