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WoW: DpS in the Mausoleum of the First - Sorcerer between Heaven and Hell

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By now, the Mausoleum of the First, the current WoW raid, has been open for a good month and the DpS of most players has practically exploded during this time. This is not only due to the higher item level available in the new raid, but mainly due to the new tier sets and the unlocking of the second Legendary. This helped thousands of groups defeat bosses in the past few days that they had trouble defeating before. And so even the bosses beyond Anduin are no longer reserved for the top guilds, but have fallen victim to many thousands of guilds.

However, the second Legendary and the tier sets have not only increased the DpS, but have also shaken up the balancing quite a bit. So let's take another look at the rankings and see which classes have been able to move up to the top and which could still use buffs or nerfs after the past class adjustments.

: End of Eternity - Preview trailer of the Mausoleum of the First.

WoW: DpS in Mausoleum of the First - BaselineTo

really find out what the classes and playstyles can currently do, we limit ourselves to the best five percent of all heroic logs for each class


This ensures that the numbers are not skewed by weaker players or incorrect logs (where the player was dead on the ground half the time, for example). Since these numbers were usually achieved with near-perfect gear, the two best Legendarys, the best pacts, and both tier set bonuses, the pure stats are hardly meaningful to us normal players.

Apart from that, many high-level logs are only achieved through the concentrated use of support spells like Soul of Power on individual players. So for those who can't get close to the numbers given, there's no need to worry. However, for the relationship between the classes, the values are quite useful.

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WoW: DpS at Attentive Guardian

DpS at the Attentive Guardian Source: warcraftlogs / buffed

Even in heroic mode, the first boss in Mausoleum of the First is not really a challenge for any group. And stupidly, it also says little about the performance of the classes. Because the fight consists of way too much running back and forth and even more waiting. All that really matters is the final stage, when you have to kill the boss before it kills you.

What the logs show us with the Attentive Guardian is which class can have a good mix of area burst and constant single target damage. And from the looks of it, that's mostly the Demonology Warlocks with their zoo of companions. Spoiler alert: this isn't the only place where the sinister fellows rank high. - Raid guide tothe Attentive Guardian.

WoW: DpS at Dausegne, the Fallen Oracle

DpS at Dausegne Source: warcraftlogs / buffed

With Dausegne, a fight against a single target awaits us, where only a short-lived add intervenes in the fight from time to time. Since little movement is required, the classes can squeeze out an extremely large amount of DpS here. Once again, we find the Demo-Wizard way out in front - with a hefty gap ahead of Priest and Frost Mage. Behind them, however, things are getting exciting. Fierceness Druids clearly outclass their Owl counterparts, and Amplifier Shamans are well ahead of their buffed Ele counterparts.

The sad end is made up of Affliction Witchers and Windrunner Monks. These two would need a massive buff to even keep up with the other specs. - Raidguide to Dausegne.

WoW: DpS at Constructor Xy'mox

DpS at Constructor Xy'mox Source: warcraftlogs / buffed

We are slowly getting used to the picture: demo-witches are at the top, affliction-witches are at the bottom and the broad middle is relatively close to each other. We like the latter and could live with the former - if the gaps weren't so wide. "Demons" do over 40 percent more damage than "Afflis" here - on average.

Fire Mages and Beast Rulers also rank far below. Mages will have to get used to playing all three specs anyway if they really want to get the most out of their class on every boss. Windrunner Monks, by the way, fare better here because there are multiple targets in the meantime - the buff definitely helped here. - Raidguide to Xy'mox.

WoW: DpS at the prototype pantheon

DpS at prototype pantheon Source: warcraftlogs / buffed

Although the prototype pantheon only involves fighting two bosses most of the time, the final phase plays a particularly important role in the final score. There, you'll use all cooldowns and Heroism / Battle Frenzy to beat down all four bosses as quickly as possible. Massive area damage is therefore a must.

And the survival hunter, who was thought to be dead for many years, plays his way to the top. Thanks to the enormously strong set bonuses and good synergy with the two Legendarys, the melee fighter blasts out enormous damage. Just behind him is his fellow Marksmanship fighter, whose set bonuses and Legendarys are tailor-made for this scenario.

Logically, in such a special fight, the differences in DpS are much greater than usual. However, this should not be a particularly big problem. - Raidguide to the Prototype Pantheon.

WoW: DpS on Skolex, the Insatiable Predator

DpS at Skolex Source: warcraftlogs / buffed If any fight in Mausoleum lends itself to finding out what single target damage the classes can do, it's Skolex. The ranged fighters rarely have to move, and the melee fighters rarely have to let go of the boss. This is exactly the kind of combat where the balancing should be good.
If the bottom three specs were left out (Affliction Witch, Destruction Witch, and Windrunner Monk), then the balancing wouldn't be bad either. The Lawless Rogue would then be last, doing only 18 percent less damage than the top spec. Of course, that wouldn't be perfect by any means - but it would be within a very acceptable range. On the other hand, the developers should distribute one or two more buffs. - Raidguide to Skolex


On the next page we'll continue with the back bosses!

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